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Translated lyrics

I've had premium for a little over a year and I still have yet to get the the translation feature. My apps are always up to the the latest versions and I know this is not a country issue as my friends (premium and non premium) have had this feature since rollout. I simply thought that the feature was delayed for my account but it's been too long now.


I have been advised to post this in the ideas exchange. But it seems lik I'm one of the few not having the translated lyrics(?) So I'm still not personally sure what the idea might be. 

Thank you for reading.


Spotify please add this feature to all countries. 


Spotify please use MusicxMatch to provide translated lyrics as well! they already make use of it but you would need to download their app to access that feature. If you implemented it in your own app the music exposure would be huge and the new music discoverability would improve massively by breaking language barriers! 


Please add an option to see both the original language and the lyrics translated to the user's preferred language, so we can both sing along and know what the song's about. Thank you! I love that I've seen a few songs that seem to be translated! If that could become more across the board, that would be awesome and very culturally connecting.