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[Your Library] Order/sort albums by release date/year

Now that the original release year should be available please add an option to the new album view to use it for sorting.



there could be options for at least:





There could be some kind of subtle separator where the artist changes when listing the album covers. Also the release year should be shown in the album images.

Updated on 2018-10-05

Hey folks,


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We're setting this Idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and we'll continue passing along your feedback to the right teams.


If we have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in with a new status.




For goodness sake Spotify, if you can change a thumbs up to a Plus, SURELY you can introduce this!!!


I've implemented a simple little web app that does this.


Enjoy! 💖


Reposting this as it's been a while.

Thanks for the web app but I get this “Error. Oops! Something went wrong, please try again or check out our help area” message.


Hey jimjobbies, feel free to open an issue in the GitHub repository with some steps to reproduce (did you login to spotify with google/facebook/apple/username+pw)?

Anyone know an alternative to Spotify that offers this functionality?

I have dead set been on this thread for atleast 6 years and this hasn’t changed. It’s so pathetic.

@PooyaMan Yes, Apple Music has it on the desktop app. I already migrated from Spotify to Apple Music and I'm super happy about it. It's a product that better suits music enthusiasts. Spotify apparently is focusing on podcasts more than music.


This is the filter that exists in Apple Music's album library:

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 14.45.50.png


Hello everyone


I'm thrilled to share some exciting news with you all. It's been seven long years since my first post in this thread, and the wait has finally come to an end. Back in 2018, Spotify informed us that they had no plans to implement a seemingly simple feature we had all been eagerly anticipating. Let's face it: Spotify is not a streaming service for music lovers and therefore they won't change their interface and options to fit the needs of people whith huge album libraries and to organising them properly. However, times have changed, and other competitors have stepped in to fill the void we've felt for so long. As devoted music enthusiasts who cherished our old libraries like Winamp, we longed for more than just the shuffle mode. Fortunately, I recently stumbled upon a solution that we've all been waiting for – it's called "roon."


With roon, you have the freedom to create your own library using local files or connect your TIDAL, Qobuz, or KKBOX account. You can use a NAS or even take Dropbox to store your local files and access them from everywhere. They also support kind of a roon NAS, which is nice, but in my opinion not nececcary. What sets roon apart is its interface tailored for music lovers. You can organize your playlists by release year and sort them accordingly. However, the real magic happens when you utilize the "Focus" filter. Here, you can filter your music by genre, release year (you can select any release era, such as all albums from 1983 to 1997 in your library), rate your music on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, and filter albums i.e. with ratings above 3 stars, among other options. You can also combine these filters to refine your searches further, such as finding every 4+ star album from the '90s in the rock genre. Additionally, roon offers a radio option, allowing you to integrate the complete TIDAL catalog or set your radio to play only music from your local library thats similar to the radio option from Spotify we all know about. But here, your local library can consist of locally stored files or files from TIDAL that you've added to your collection. roon integrates your TIDAL library seamlessly into your local library, enhancing your music exploration experience - if you want. I always found it annoying that in Spotify radio I have plenty of songs, I never want to hear. In roon I can select that when I start a radio only songs from my library will be added. 

Customization is a breeze with roon – you can edit album titles, album covers, and select variations like Deluxe editions or remastered versions. Genre tags for an album can be edited tailored to your preferences, and you can set tags like "to be listened albums" or "albums recommended by Peter" oder "music to enjoy on a roadtrip" and then create playlists based on your tags. Detailed descriptions of artists and albums are also available automatically, enriching your music discovery journey. I believe roon is the ideal solution for true music lovers who have grown weary of Spotify. Also check out the YouTube video "Full roon walkthrough" there you have tons of more reasons to change to roon. 


After years of anticipation, I've finally found a music platform that aligns perfectly with my passion for music. I stumbled upon roon a few weeks ago. After transferring my entire Spotify library to roon I'll happily cancel my Spotify subscription after eight years. It's clear that roon prioritizes music and music lovers, making it a delightful choice for anyone seeking a superior music experience where you are the captain of your musical journey.


I hope you all enjoy this service as much as I do! 😊


wrt Roon :  I am not going to pay ANOTHER subscription to a music service just so that I can get some basic functionality right.

I am busy jumping back into Apple as on balance of it I would rather have decent Library Management (of which ordering Albums by release date is a basic no-brainer) than all the other fancy bits and pieces of Spotify.

Spotify, it is utterly PATHETIC that you have not rolled out this simple feature.


I have logged a new request seeing that I have no idea how to get this on Spotify's radar seeing that it has been marked as "Not right Now" since 2018, and SO many trivial updates have been made since then.


@Spotify This request has MORE THAN DOUBLE the Likes of what your current "Top Ideas" reflect

Current "Live" Top Idea has 868 votes and 95 comments
This request has 1655 votes and 22 PAGES of comments