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I don’t know when this change was made, but today I noticed that when I am looking through my saved music library by album, there are songs I specifically did not save for a reason, whether that be because it is a re-released song from a previous album I already have saved, or a song I just don’t like that I don’t want to play when I’m listening through an album. This change gives us way less control over our own saved music library. Please change it back. 

Updated on 2019-09-18

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I use it now for a while and I prefer this approach. An album is an album and not a few songs you like of an album, that's a playlist. I never went to a record store and asked the store to remove a few songs of the album. I could rip some songs and make my own collection, but that's not an album.if younger it this way, it makes sense.





Yes @Rene01, that's why I use Spotify instead of listening to my CDS on a CD player : to listen to what I want, how I want it. And this change also affects the artist section : when clicking on a artist you recently listened to, it displays only all the songs from the albums you saved, including those you didn't like, whereas the songs you liked but didn't save the album they're from, are gone. Even worse, when going directly to the artist section without using the "recently played" section, it says "7 songs" but when you click, nope, there's nothing since you didn't specifically clicked "save" on that album page.

One last thing, if you wanted to use the album that way in the previous update, you just had to save all the songs. But now with this update, we have no choice, and those who used it by favorite songs, are **bleep**. 


Very strange move to downgrade to something that will please less people, when you had something pleasing everybody, especially when those "everybody" people  pay to use you, spotify. 


I  didn't expect to convince you but I still wanted to give it a try 😀

But I think for new users this does make sense. In the old way if I saved Billy Jean, thriller was in my album list and michael in my artist list. Why? Because I like this song? Maybe I don't like thriller or michael Jackson. There was no way I could add a song without the album or artist. What was the use in saving an album anyway, since it was in the album anyway if I liked a song. Save was only some kind of shortcut of liking all songs.

The new way give me more control. I removed all my songs and saved the albums. Now I have a nice list of albums I like. I can also control the artist list.


It's not too bad I think.






Spotify is not a 'record store' and I will give you some reasons this new update is not sufficient.


1. Flexibility - Spotify took a fully functional app that could be used in many ways and is forcing us to use it in less functional and inconvenient ways.

2. Time - I have zero interest in creating playlists for songs I want to listen to on my drive, which changes a lot, or for whatever comes up. I also don't stream when I am off wifi because I don't have endless data or the desire to pay for more when I can just download the songs I want to hear. 

3. Storage - I can no longer download just the songs I want to hear from an album or many artists. I am forced to download entire albums which forces me to create playlists, See # 2, and unnecessarily uses storage on my device. 

4. The interface is simply confusing and I have to disagree with your new users will get it comment. My friend, who is a new user on my recommendation, couldn't figure out why the Artist tab shows 'Albums in Your Library' and the same album is not in the Album tab. I explained to him that he now has to save the entire album for it to show up in the Album tab. If you search for the album it shows up as recommended. This is entirely too many steps and inconsistent with common sense on how a music library should be organized.

5. The second most annoying 'new feature' after not being able to download individual songs not on a playlist is the 'Liked Songs' playlist. Everything gets dumped in the liked songs playlist which destroys it's usefulness for selecting songs I want to listen to and downloading just that playlist. I have to constantly edit out the songs I don't want to listen to right now.


Hi @user-removed ,


About point 4. This is not true. The way you describe it, it would cause confusion indeed but I don't agree with you that it works like that.

If you go to the artist page it will show all your saved albums. You don't have to like all the songs. That's the good thing, there is no link between a song and an album. If you save the album, the album will be in your library, if you save a song, the songs is added to liked songs without adding the album.

So your statement at point 4 is incorrect.




@rene01 Huh?? The artist page doesn't show my saved albums. It shows all music available by an artist on must mean the Artist tab? Also, that is exactly the way it works when I use Spotify. I can like a few songs from an album on the Artists tab and that same album does not show up in the Album tab. If I like an entire album it shows up in the Album tab AND every song is now listed in the artist tab under that album even if I only liked one or a few songs from the album. What is the point of the album tab if 'albums' show up under artists tab too and you can't have just a few songs from an album on the artist tab and all songs from an album on the Album tab???


In what universe is a song not linked to an album and artist? This makes zero sense to me. In your Billy Jean example the old way worked because I could find a song, album or artist from any of the tabs. Couldn't have been easier. Also, I hit the 10,000 song limit several years ago because I was saving entire albums. I whittled down the songs by removing duplicates and songs I really didn't like from albums over time. Now, I will have to save every song on an album for it to show up in the albums tab. 10,000 song limit here I come. I could browse by artists and albums to find what I wanted to listen too. Now, albums don't appear in 'albums' if I don't have every song from an album saved or liked or whatever is the new nomenclature...even though it says albums in my library from the artists tab...wink wink, don't look for them in albums cause they might not be there. 

It doesn't really matter to me anymore. The inability to download individual songs unless they are on a playlist is a deal killer for me. Moving on to greener pastures.


It is very interesting that I can download an individual podcast. Why not a song?


Hi @user-removed,

Yes I mean artist tab, it was a reply of your point 4 which refers to the artis tab. You keep saying "you must like each and every song", that's not true, you only have to like the album. Works for me. Even better, I could remove all my songs from my library because I hit the 10.000 limit. Now I can save 10.000 albums, a limit I will never hit. All my albums now show up in the album tab and the artist tab.

For me this works better as the previous library.





People like to use it different ways. Obviously some people like to separate the concept of "I like this album" from "I liked these songs, which happen to have been released on an album." But many people want a view in which they can see the songs they liked from a particular album, grouped by album with artwork, and be able to play only those songs without the rest of the album. That no longer works. You could leave the concepts separated and still satisfy the people who like to remove a few tracks from an album by giving us an album view of our saved tracks, but Spotify hasn't done that. FWIW, I'm investigating Napster (now a paid streaming service fka Rhapsody) to get that behavior back. Unfortunately, they don't have quite as many albums to choose from.


Ok, hope you find a service which matches your needs. 




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