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[Discuss] "I follow people on Spotify because.."


[Discuss] "I follow people on Spotify because.."

Hi folks, we currently have a poll up about why you follow people on Spotify.


If you have more thoughts, questions or suggestions, please feel free to discuss here.

Community Ergo Sum
48 Replies

I dislike the entire concept of "following" and even the term itself.  I like to see what some of my friends listen to, but I wouldn't say that I "follow" them.


I may "follow" an Artist in order to be made aware of any new releases, but they also spam my Activity Feed.  But I guess that doesn't matter all that much, since the Feed seems to be down more often than not.  To be quite honest, the old pre-0.8.8 feed layout still works and works well when the feed is available, I see what others are listening to in real time, and even how long ago they listened.


I prefer the old terminology of "subcribing" to a playlist, rather that "following" it.  This isn't Twitter for pete's sake.


In older version, sharing music is as easy as dragging a track or album onto onto a friend's picture in the feed.  Its a much bigger pain now.  Why can't it just be simple as it used to be?

I think you should have a oprion in the poll for "other reasons". Maybe it's just me, but I really only follow playlists, and usually those I need because my conductor has put together others' versions of song we are rehearsing. So in a way I follow things when it helps our current project.

I really enjoy the "following" aspect of the Spotify community, but it could be improved upon.  I'm not suggestion that Spotify emulate Facebook in any fashion, but I would propose that the profiles of Spotify users were more accessible.  I use Spotify to send music to people on a regular basis and also to discover music that my professors and friends listen to.  As an active musician and music student, this is very useful, but could be improved.  The ticker on the right side of the desktop app is nice, but should be expanded or optimized for more of a musical community.  

I don't follow anyone at all!

I don't "follow" anyone (actively, at least). That should be an option here.


I just don't find the use in it. It's creepy enough - unnerving, at the least - that other people can stalk the music I'm playing. Probably think I'm weird because of it, sometimes. I sure don't want to stalk anyone else and give them that uneasy feeling I get when I know people can watch what I'm listening to...


I'd much rather subscribe to published playlists. People put those together for the specific purpose of sharing, so it's not weird at all. I put my own playlists together, but rarely think to share them. I'm not a social music butterfly, I just want to use Spotify as the "infinite jukebox". I couldn't care less what other people are listening to, unless my own playlists get boring... in which case, I usually just let Radio introduce me to new stuff.

as I posted about a year ago, I have no use for the follower function and actively dislike it.  

Hi guys, I'm tasha and i am asking ppl to follow (not me) but my playlist!


 Long story short i have had to create a playlist for a work compeition and i need people to get behind and support it! It's a playlist which can take you from your morning gym session, through the afternoon BBQ and 'Into the night' (forgive the pun). Please get following and share it with your friends.


Many thanks - tasha 🙂


URI- Into the night



HTTP link:

Third answer: because you badger me every time I login to do so... In the end, it's just easier...


I follow people on spotify because I want to know what music they like to hear and for artists, what their new releases and their fav old songs...

I don't know HOW to follow users, isn't that a bit like stalking

I couldn't give a flying fig what any of my friends are listening too.....does this mean I can be excused from any more of this community nonsense, facebook links and updated apps? I'd just like my 'old Spotify' back, please!

The poll needs more options.  I follow people for two very different reasons:

  • Artists - to be notified of new releases
  • Friends - to share and see what they're listening to

Well, the way Spotify works now, reason #1 totally craps on reason #2.  I rarely see what my friends are listening to because artists like to stay unnecessarily active so they constantly spam my feed with either their songs or songs of those they are promoting.  Total B.S.


Spotify should add filtering to the buzz feed or separate the buzz feed from the release notification system.  Those that agree, please vote up ideas like this one:


I think that's the best written idea addressing this feature, but there are other related ideas that show it is more popular than it would initially appear:

No way. Music is private in my book! I don't care who likes or doesn't like what. We all resonate with our own music. As for discovering new music and artists, for me personally, I require no help, just a library and a search field. That's why I cancelled MOG when they were bought and destroyed by Beats. I hate radio and I'm not into having music chosen for me or having pop ups every half a second with "recommendations". I'm way more than capable of doing my own curation.

That's why I go with a service that allows me to turn that type of thing on or off by my choice.

I typically just follow people who follow me. If they like my music, I figure we have similar taste so I'm more likely to like theirs.  

I agree with what was said earlier that the concept of following is just a bit creepy. I think you should just show all my friends' activity in the sidebar really, like it used to be.

The only thing I use the follow for is the artists I have made playlists of and that is it. I don't really care if anyone follows me. What I would like to have is a nice smooth functional new version of the desktop app but since that is not possible, I guess we all can waste our time with this sort of crap.

I follow people on Spotify who's Music taste is a bit similar like mine. Sometimes i send them songs they might like, or which they can add to their playlist (if they want). I just like to find people with the 'same' music taste. Through spotify i met a few people with the same taste and this gives me some kind of feeling of a music fan community (or a scene). 


I used to work in a cd shop and i loved talking to people about their music tastes and whats good and bad about certain music/bands. (endless discussions :-)). On spotify this connecting with people is ofcourse different from real life, but i think i still met some cool people with interesting music tastes.

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Following artists and users is one of the greatest aspects of Spotify. I love getting updates on when my favourite bands/artists release new material and have discovered music on here that just wouldn't of happened without suggestions based on what I am already listening too. As for following users even if they are complete strangers all you are doing is confirming that you like what they are listening to or that they have put together an awesome playlist. I was introduced by my sister and was a complete sceptic at first but now it's how I listen to music. One of my passions in life is creating playlists and sharing them with friends and the greater spotify community. When you get a notification on your phone to say someone has just subscribed to your playlist it's a real buzz. It's like letting somebody see your music collection and them saying "hey dude, you've got great taste". Long live spotify and long live the art of playlisting!

Somebody gets it. I use it precisely the same way.

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