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Share your music with the Community


Share your music with the Community

Many of the active users both in Spotify and in the Community are creating their own music. If you'd like to share your band with the group please post here. 


Please note though that if you would like to promote your own music we ask that under 10% of your posts in the Community be about your own work. You have to be a regular poster within the boards to gain the ability to promote your own music.


Once you've become a contributor in the boards feel free to share websites, Spotify Play Buttons, etc. Thanks folks.



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I have an Underrated/Unpopular playlist for people to discover stuff that I discovered and liked 😛




This one would be a catchy instrumental Jamieson - Chasing this Dream


Hello Everyone,


I am a new independent electronic artist on spotify. I need 250 followers to claim my artist page and get verified. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. 


The playlist attached is my brand new album "RedRoom"


Thank you again

Just listening to Dancing About Architecture it's very good.....


I can detect some Steve Reich & Terry Riley in your music.


I have been struggling for over 30 years to get my music heard, I just do it as a hobby now.......




Hi everyone, I'm an indie singer-songwriter based in Seattle - I hope you'll enjoy my new song "Meant To Be"!

Follow me

Hi people


First of all, sorry if im posting in the wrong area, im new here.


I am a brazilian rapper, and i just want to show you guys a lil bit of my work.


My new song was released this week on spotify, hope yall like it


also, i want to hear your opinion, and i do like tips to make this viral






I'd greatly appreciate it, check out my playlists I'm sure you won't be let down.

My spotify name is Alfie Gray

spotify:artist:1brcxo37LOkCb4THzRmfoc Kydo Chill is the hottest rapper and producer coming out of the IE follow him on spotify.....

Chill #35.jpg
HD Cover.jpg

Hi @kydochill as you're promoting your own music we are moving to this the 'Share your music thread'. Also we ask that only 10% of your posts in the Community promote our own work. That means 9 out of 10 posts need to be about other musicans and/ or helping answer questions about Spotify. 


Thanks for understanding 

Artist: Leek

Song: No Questions

Album: Lifernati

Label: Lifer Co./Solo Music



Hi guys!

I have a quite unknown track for you:


Do somebody already know this one? Comment it! 😛


Stay Awesome!


Hey everyone. Im a newbie to Spotify and I just came across some magnificent music that i want to share.

Barz ! Sounds great

Edit reason : message moved in the right thread


Hi there. I'd like to draw your attention to my latest release.


Automatic Happiness (EP) (Spotify link)




and... this one.


Foolk - CMYK (Spotify link)

(CMYK got already 170 000+ plays on Spotify.)


Hope you enjoy it // or add to your fav playlists.

Foolk on Twitter
Foolk on Spotify

Hello @Foolk and welcome to the community,


Thanks to share your music with us.


When you want promote your own music and for a good use of the community, it's better to post in the dedicated thread after reading it :


Have a nice day

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Thank you for moving to the right thread. I really appreciate your help.

Foolk on Twitter
Foolk on Spotify

I enjoy Spotify and want to connect with more users just unsure how too, was not aware of this discussion forum on the site and plan on using it more to branch out and hear from more users and artists about trends and things they like in music so i can adhere to alot of the desires of fans and others involved.


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