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TV shows with great music


TV shows with great music

As scripted television booms, more and more shows are focussing on the music selected.


Which shows do you recommend for good music tips?


For me right now it's GIRLS. Not saying you have to be a fan of the show, but they do nail their soundtracks. It's always a mix of forgotten oldies classics, modern hits, and undergroud bands not yet discovered. Sometimes they dig up songs that artists chose not to release and introduce them to the world through the show. 


If you want a playlist to scan for some new songs, give it a try:





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Ahh, the TV show series selected music tracks that got me was the first season of True Detective, though the original soundtrack is not up.


The song Fault Line by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the song The Angry River by The Hat ft. Father John Misty &  S.I. Istwa and the song Lungs by Townes Van Zandt were some of my favorites from the first season of the show:

A Spoitfy user has gone to the effort of piecing together some of the tracks from the show series here:


Also can not leave out the opening title track by The Handsome Family was fantastic as well:

Personally, i'm a big fan of the Misfits soundtrack. It's very upbeat and it seems like a lot of thought went into it!





You mean this The Misfits movie soundtrack?


Or perhaps the TV series here maybe:


I was talking about the TV show 🙂 

Sorry for not being specific, I can be like that sometimes haha



No problem, just checking to be sure, seems another Spotify user has gone to the effort to piece together songs from the seasonal TV series here in this playlist from each episode:

flaked is such a terrible netflix series but i catched alex G playing twice and forced myself to finished the season just to see chris douridas' (music supervisor) work. it's a bit clichê but i liked:



You will always be missed Firefly, I miss you Kaylee!!!!

Peaky Blinders on the BBC in the UK, this track was on the last show, not heard for ages, real quality.

+1 on Peaky Blinders


Not my playlist but this seems 2 be the most complete and current collection of the tracks:

Check out my playlists: edman08

For me there isn't  much better than the music used in Mad Men.  It's a beautifully realised show in every respect.  Pause it at almost any moment and you could frame the image.   While the significant events of the 60's almost play out in the background, the music that is so synonymous with the various scenes of the decade really cut through the "oldies" that accompany the very normal (and not very hip) lives of the main protaganists. From pop to protest, it's all there.

It can sound weird but I've discovered some great songs thanks to Criminal Minds lol, This World by Selah Sue is an example. Also Catfish show some great songs. 

Hey @luisa_mauaccad I had no idea Flaked was using Alex G. I hadn't checked out the show before but I might now

Also, I very much enjoyed the Stranger Things music on Netflix, more for its nostalgic value: 




I´m watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It has many references to music, artists, etc. especially in the dialogues between the two main characters, mother and daughter, and her best friend Lane, who loves music.

A playlist I found:



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Twin Peaks. Angelo Badalamenti is one of my favorite composers of all time. I'm more of a fan of original music with composers rather than other bands to make up a soundtrack.

Y'all the sych on Scandal is AMAZING. Someone went and found it all. There are 13 seasons so its pretty long, but some killer songs from every part of music are on it. Kendrick to Florence + the Machine. It's got something for everyone! Check it below:

Hope you like it!

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I dig through the internet to find new music so you don't have to!

I don't really like that show Lucifer, but the music they picked for it is great, so it belongs here.

Master of None! It quickly became one of my favorite shows as soon as I started watching it. Not only for the content but also for the music.



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