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List of New Releases


List of New Releases

I host a New on Spotify page on my website. It lists new releases added to Spotify over the last 7 days, all contained in an easy-to-search database. To use, select your country then search for a genre, or simply browse using the Next Page button.


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This recommendation is great..liking what I hear so far...vartied and colorful. Thanks for suggestion.  I give the band Thumbs up!

this is my video pls look at this

Hi all, I'd just like to anounce that we now have a new release albums page that we will update each week. This week there are 33 new albums available.


We also have the following playlists that we update each week with new release singles from each territory:


New release singles UK

New release singles USA

New release singles Sweden

New release singles Germany


Any questions please just shout.


Kieron - Music Discovery Made Easy

This is awesome.. thank you so much!  Still can't believe Spotify got rid of the 'what's new' feature.  

Top Playlist: Hits September 2012 (updated daily)


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Hits September 2013 (Updated daily)


Hits September 2013 (Updated daily)

Hot playlist! Hits September 2013 (daily updated)!


The best brand new hit!


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Hits September 2013 (Updated daily)


Hits September 2013 (Updated daily)

The best music of September 2013!


Hits September 2013 (Updated daily)


Spotify should put more meek mill albums on spotify i think it would be much appriciated in the U.S. for instance "Dreamchasers", "Dreamchasers 2", and "Dreamchasers 3" 

great site. any chance you can add an indicator of whether the new addition is an entire album or just a single? that'd be great. thanks again!

I love listening to the newest singles, and to that end I curate a weekly play-list of the best single and EP releases of the moment., usually ending up with 100+ tracks. A wide range of genres are represented; the only rule is they have to be good pop songs. I like to think of it as one of the most comprehensive new releases' play-lists you'll find on Spotify.


This week's new releases


"I love to be on your list!": @PineyGir

"This is a brilliant playlist." : AdamDowds - DigitalSpy forum

"Within half an hour I've already found two or three tracks I really love." : Hayden - DigitalSpy forum

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Great feature ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you! Will be using this when searching for new music to listen to! 

"The measure of a man is not what he owns but how he owns himself."

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I will Kudo

Can anyone tell me when the new Reverend & The Makers album will be avialable in Ireland?

wisin & yandel -  algo me gusta de ti



please add that tune. its so boring to use alot of tunes inside youtube.. ๐Ÿ˜„

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