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Lofi/downempo playlist that fits your mood, either you need relaxation or having a chill night, this playlist is for you

The playlist is being updated every week

39 Replies

Cool playlist!! Very nice songs, instasave hahaha!!
I released my first single 03/01/2019, I think it fits nicely into this playlist! Hope you like it!

Cool playlist bro!! Starts with Dilla, I know you have a good taste hahaha!!

Hey! I dig the playlist and would love to be considered a potential spot for one of my downtempo tracks. If you get a chance to listen, enjoy!

Hello! I think i got some trax for u! Have a nice day!

Nice playlist!! Maybe you want to check this song, I think it could fit in the list pretty well. regards, Peter

hi. good choice of is my playlist with all my downtempo releases. enjoy

If you have a few minutes to check out my track I think it would fit well in the playlist! Cheers.

check out this playlist I made! it's very chill, great to have on in the background while you do work.


Yeah man collab is okay. How?

Great taste, lots of my favorites on there.  Maybe one day I'll work my way on there :).  Keep up the good work, definitely good to see a resurgance of the downtempo genres.



first, i wanna say that i took some time to listen to your playlist and it's really something special. i like the curation a lot


i released this song recently that could fit the vibe of this playlist very well.


hope u enjoy

hey great mix of tracks 

mind checking out my track here


I'll take a look at it

Just send in your music and I'll take a look at it when i have time!

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