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\M/ THRASH Metal


\M/ THRASH Metal

Post your favorite and new thrash metal and crossover bands, releases and playlists here to showcase this most awesome sub-genre.


I'll start with SLAYER's Christ Illusion, an amazing 2006 release that won 2 grammy's for Eyes of the Insane and for Final Six. Christ Illusion was initially banned in India, among other areas, in true Slayer style! Unfortunately, Final Six is a bonus track that is only available in the 2007 hardcopy re-release. 


Christ Illusion.jpg
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Sepultura - 1996 ROOTS


 Lamb of GOD - 2004 Ashes of the Wake




Behemoth - 2014 The Satanist


Nailbomb - 1994 Point Blank - Just a phenomenal collaboration between Max Cavalera (Sepultura) and Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel)


@Dfsoto that's sick! they are super tight...thanks for sharing.


Fudge Tunnel - 1993 Creep Diets 


SLAYER - 2009 World Painted Blood - This album kicks **bleep**! Slayer at its finest.



Newer band with old school thrash feel. They copied a lot of Kill Them All riffs and do not care...

Amazing thread, people!

Now, I know this suggestion isn't strictly Thrash, but they're so damn great that I'm throwing them into this mosh pit of heavy hitters.


This is a recent album from the kings of Grindcore, Napalm Death. Encapsulating a brutal amount of Thrash Metal, Hardcore Punk and Death Metal influences in their melting pot, the UK group have long been the standard bearers for pure, utter ear-splitting extreme noise.



I defy anyone to sit down to 'How The Years Condemn' and not want to flail around like crazy. Feel your blood pressure hit the roof.



I'd also like to contribute the latest from UK cult favourites, Akercocke.


They've been terrifying us with their mutant form of Extreme Technical Thrash Metal for what seems like decades. 'Renaissance in Extremis' is their first album since before the turn of the decade.


It's a very unsettling listen; uneasy, gargantuan, powerful.




'Unbound By Sin' and 'Insentience' are huge tunes. Hold those invisible oranges to them and wave your helicopter hair around!



Black Thrash/Black Metal...LOVE these guys

@JackS @Dfsoto good sh*t guys. Napalm Death, so strong.

I lean towards a hardcore punk/thrash metal sound.


D.R.I. - 2010 Crossover - Millennium Edition



Agnostic Front - 2015 The American Dream Died


My favorite ST release ever. In this one they leaned more towards thrash vs punk or crossover....

DRI again. This album blew my mind in the 80s

@Dfsoto - Agreed. 2 of my ATFs. Both those albums totally rip and represent.


One of my favorite crossover thrash metal bands:

S.O.D. - 2016 (30th Anniversary Edition) Speak English or Die




Same here. Love S.O.D.

Not sure if we can expand to Death Metal but this is sick...

@Dfsoto H*ll yeah we can! With a release as sick as that! I really like *Visions in My Head, so tight.


All - Appreciate the contributions. All have been truly epic and noted. Some open up your knowledge and awareness. Some bring back the best of memories. This is a killer thread!


Keep it up = OWN IT!


Suicidal Tendencies - 1987 Join the Army


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