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\M/ THRASH Metal


\M/ THRASH Metal

Post your favorite and new thrash metal and crossover bands, releases and playlists here to showcase this most awesome sub-genre.


I'll start with SLAYER's Christ Illusion, an amazing 2006 release that won 2 grammy's for Eyes of the Insane and for Final Six. Christ Illusion was initially banned in India, among other areas, in true Slayer style! Unfortunately, Final Six is a bonus track that is only available in the 2007 hardcopy re-release. 


Christ Illusion.jpg
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Saw Gojira last night in SD with these 2 bands. Check them out.

Code Orange - 2017 Forever - Punk/Metalcore



Torche - 2015 Restarter - Black Sabbath meets Helmet. These guys rip.


2017 Sepultura Roots Remastered...One of my ATF recordings. So tight. And check out the bonus material. R.D.P. and Untitled just kill it.


Exodus and Sepultura - 2015 Elder Gods - Yes, check out this epic collaboration and Sepultura's rendition of Ministry's, Just One Fix.


Pig Destroyer - 2001 Prowler in the Yard

This reissue is insane.


Venom - 2017 Black Mass - Black/Thrash



Happy NATIONAL METAL DAY. To all the international fans out there...11/11/17

Kiss_NMD (1).jpg

Some killer Black Metal to honor Black Friday.

Behemoth - 2015 Thy Winter Kingdom + From The Pagan Vastlands


The original 1993 demo recordings properly released.



@Dfsoto this is sick. I can hear all kinds of influences: Slayer, Cradle of Filth, Black Sabbath


These 2 Witchery rock too:

Witchkrieg (2010)

In His Infernal Majesty's Service (2016)

Kerry King does a solo on the Witchkrieg title track!spotify:album:0f3cBbv23AN1duBTVGld1P


SOD - 2000 Seasoning the Obese


Hi 🙂

Maybe you'll like the thrash metal band Mortuary for your playlist. They played at the Hellfest Festival this year and just released a reissue of their latest album!

If you're featuring them on a playlist, please let me know so we can share the news on our social networks 😄

How about some Converge?




That new albums slaps... HARD. It's a glorious return from one of heavy music's best bands.


OK, it's not strictly thrash metal, but it does have elements of it amongst the noise and hardcore. Turn this on and I guarantee you'll find a part that you like. It's heavier in places, so prepare for bruises on your ears!



Thanks. Mortuary wasn't even in my radar. 


Did we already post this? Some are calling it the best of 2017.

Thy Art is Murder - 2017 No Absolution - some wicked deathcore


Awesome 80s thrash album from a lesser known band. This is also the band Jason Newsted left for Metallica.

Centinex - 2016 Doomsday Rituals - some legit death metal



Some is thrash, some is groovy. Woven in nicely.


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