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Audiobook chapters playing in disorder

Hey folks!


We received reports that the chapters of some Audiobooks are playing in disorder.
This is being looked into.

Hey folks!


This issue should now be resolved 🙂

In case anyone is still experiencing it, please follow these steps:

  1. Start a different playlist.
  2. Turn shuffle off. If shuffle was off, turn it on and then off again.
  3. Play an Audiobook.
  4. Pause its playback.
  5. Connect the phone to the car via Bluetooth.

The playback should resume automatically and the issue should get resolved for you as well.
Hope this helps!


This still doesn’t work. The chapters are in the correct order but then it just plays them in any random order.




You have to awkwardly add each individual chapter to your que in order -.-


Hi there folks, 

Thanks for your replies. We understand the situation, however, we will need more info. Does this happen with every audiobook? And does it happen on all devices or just one in particular? If you don't have another device, ask a relative or friend to try it, or check from the Web Player.

On another note, as @Vasil requested, send over a screenshot/photo of how your queue looks like when you play an audiobook chapter. 

We'll wait for your response.


Hi Susan, no need for screenshots etc, just try playing an audiobook and you'll see what we mean. 


The only way I've found to get around the problem is to begin from the audiobook's title page, where all the chapters are listed, and start from there. Bit of a faff, but liveable with, just not the usual slick service we've come to expect.





Hi @HermanoBen,


Thanks for keeping in touch.


I did try to play some audiobooks and had no issues. The episodes played in order. Now, you mention this doesn't happen when you play the audiobook from the title page, could you elaborate on that? Where do you usually play the audiobooks from? If you can, send over a screenshot or recording so we can take a look. This is because we haven't been able to reproduce the behavior from our side, so knowing the specific steps that lead this to happen will help us get to the bottom of the situation.

We'll be here.


These are some screenshots from Gone Girl.

i am having the same issue and I didn’t realise until I was hours into the book and then suddenly I was hearing a chapter I had already heard before. The story is not told in a linear fashion so it was hard to tell they were playing randomly.  


Hi @MegJane88,


Thanks for your reply on this thread. 

Just so we can check, play one of the chapters and then open your queue. Send us a screenshot of the queue. Additionally, could you check if this also happens from another device or the Web Player

We'll wait for your reply.






United States


iPhone 13 

Operating System

iOS 17.1.2


My Question or Issue

I’m listening to Happiness Now by Angie Kim and chapters are being skipped.  I listened to chapters 1 - 16, then 18, 23, and 29 played out of order, and then it went back to chapter 9.  
When I manually click on a chapter, they are off by 2, for example, the audio for Chapter 16 starts off with “Chapter 14”.  I paid the top up charge yesterday to continue this book so I’m super bummed!  Any help?


I hit play on an audiobook and it played the opening credits and intro in order yesterday. but today when i it play it jumped to a random chapter and did not continue in order and i do not see a way to change the shuffle. I have a premium account and using and android.

Happened to me too. Solution for me was:

- Open a normal (music) playlist

- Turn shuffle off

- Go back to your audiobook.


Somehow your 'shuffle' setting persists when playing audiobooks, but not showing the shuffle button. Assuming it's a bug that'll get fixed soon.