Bluetooth, wrong metadata/metadata not updated



I am facing an issue and I beleive I am not the only one.


When playing a song in my car (2016 Seat Leon), the track informations are not updated correctly and shows the title of the previous song.


I found a few posts about this issue but no solution :

Android App: Transmit Track Info via Bluetooth

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Wrong Title when playing in car over A2DP


I tried changing the AVRCP profile to 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 without success.

The phone is a OnePlus 5T.



Thanks for letting us know about this.
Our tech team are aware of this, and working on a solution as we speak. Hopefully, we'll have an update on this soon! 
In the meantime, we'd recommend keeping you app up-to-date.
Thanks for bearing with us.

I just started having this issue after it worked just fine on a device I have.  It is Nov 2021. Why on earth is this not yet fixed? Or if it is fixed, why is it not flagged as solved here?


I have just uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify and it seems to have solved the problem - song titles are updated on the external device as expected.




I'll keep it simple:

Same car and same phone as before the issue appears.

As all the others, after some time ago (arround a year) the metadata displayed on my car's dashboard is always related with the previous track.

I was a Premium user.

I got tired of spent my money and get this problem, so I canceled the subscription and searched another provider.

No, I'm a Spotify Free user.

Today, when I entered my car, as usal, I picked up my phone and putted some music and SURPISE! The metadata is OK.


So: this is the second time that I made this test, (let the premium subscription end) just to be sure of what I'm saying here and:

- if I'm a Spotify Premium user, the metadata is related with the previous track, so it is wrong

- if I'm a Spotify Free user, the metadata is ok.


I hope that this hint help you solve the problem and, if you want the premium user back, as a proof of good will from you, I'll wait for a free trial for a premium account to test it again.