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 This happened with my last phone, Samsung S7 running Oreo (or whatever the most recent OS is) but it was fixed when I got the Moto X4. I like to keep a lot of songs downloaded offline because my service is terrible and I also spend a lot of time in the mountains. Before I I update my phone to the new Android Pie OS there was no problems. Now everytime I reset my phone I think spotify cannot see my SD card at first and tries to download all the music to its internal storage and I have to go back in and tell it to store it in the SD card. That is extremely annyoing but not the end of the world. What is really frustrating is that I think all of the downloaded songs are still on the SD card and just keep redownloading and taking up space. Eventually this will cause me to reformat the card which will be a major pain for me since I store a large amount of photos on there also. Is anyone else have this problem? I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the application so any other suggestions or help?

Hey there.


We just wanted to let you know that we've looked into this with the right folks now.


We are currently trying to resolve the issue. We don't have a timeframe for a fix, but we're really glad you let us know about this. If you have any other questions, just let us know!


Keep your app up-to-date and have a nice day 🙂


What I'd recommend you is to look for some help with Spotify staff. They've helped me before and my problem was solved in minutes.

You can send them a message on:




Twitter (DM): 


Spotify Support:


Tell me if you need more help! Xx


Same issue here, just updated to Pie 9.0 (OPPO Find 7) and the app keeps switching to the built-in storage 😞 Moreover, I have about 1500 songs in the playlist, so it is a huge pain to download them all over again.


Can you please notify us, when you fix this issue?


FYI the Samsung Gear S3 plugin doesn't work again, but that is a different story...




I have a really large collection, and this error has really broken Spotify for me, to the point that it has me looking for alternative services.


The error started appearing after the Android update for the Galaxy S9. The constant downloads broke my SD card. I'm just so angry right now.


After posting this thread yesterday and reading Louverr's suggestion to contact support, I chatted with a Spotify representative. As I predicted in the original post, I was asked to do a clean installation. After the installation, I re-downloaded over 15GB of songs, which cost me ~$12 due to bandwidth limits.


Also as I predicted, it didn't work. The storage location once again went back to the device storage today.


I feel your pain. I understand the encryption, but the inability to reconnect to the files (songs) is stupid. My collection has over 9 GB and downloading it again takes forever...


Having the same problem occuring more and more often lately.

Already tried completely re-installing the app with cleaning the cache and deleting all settings. Didn't help.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A3 with Android 8.0.0


No, there were more than 3 updates and still the same bug.


I got thinking about it the other day and most of the phones effected have 32 or 64gb internals 1gb is like 300 songs 5gb would be 1500 songs. You would still have 27 or 59gb internal and the sd. My LG has 16gb so it might suck for me to use 5gb(currently using 10gb total on internal) for songs but.....and you don't need all 5000 of your songs download all at once lol....


Yeah, the thing is that I like to listen on very high quality, which I can't stream with the internet connections I have around me. I have about 3000 songs which I listen to often, so that takes up like 30gb.

I have a large sd, and would like to have the app work as advertised, without having to go through the hassle of rotating my downloads.


I've been having the same problem lately with Spotify switching back to internal storage from SD Card on my FiiO X7 Mark II at random times causing my DAP to redownload my entire playlist of 1500 songs.


Is there a fix for this in the future? The temporaly fixes listed about only work for awhile 😞