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Issue with storage option switching from SD Card to internal






Moto X4

Operating System

Android Pie


My Question or Issue

 This happened with my last phone, Samsung S7 running Oreo (or whatever the most recent OS is) but it was fixed when I got the Moto X4. I like to keep a lot of songs downloaded offline because my service is terrible and I also spend a lot of time in the mountains. Before I I update my phone to the new Android Pie OS there was no problems. Now everytime I reset my phone I think spotify cannot see my SD card at first and tries to download all the music to its internal storage and I have to go back in and tell it to store it in the SD card. That is extremely annyoing but not the end of the world. What is really frustrating is that I think all of the downloaded songs are still on the SD card and just keep redownloading and taking up space. Eventually this will cause me to reformat the card which will be a major pain for me since I store a large amount of photos on there also. Is anyone else have this problem? I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the application so any other suggestions or help?

Hey there.


We just wanted to let you know that we've looked into this with the right folks now.


We are currently trying to resolve the issue. We don't have a timeframe for a fix, but we're really glad you let us know about this. If you have any other questions, just let us know!


Keep your app up-to-date and have a nice day 🙂


Yo tengo el mismo problema.... 😞


Hey there @jokee and @user-removed,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


Glad to hear that everything's working as it should once more!


@Baebeartje123 There's a newer version of the Android available. It'd be very helpful if you could try a quick reinstall of the app by following the steps here and let us know if the issues still occurs after that. Thanks!


Seems the issue is still there 😕 


I deleted the app, turned my phone off and on, installed new Spotify, but after a reboot or shutdown, the memory gets switched to the internal.


This was still happening to me on the latest version of the app until I did the following. I followed the instructions above and cleared the data for the spotify app and then uninstalled it. I then uninstalled it from my other 2 devices as well. Then I removed all of the offline devices listed in my account here:


Then I reinstalled the app and it defaulted to my SD card for storage and after downloading several albums and podcasts and restarting my phone, the issue isn't happening anymore. Hope this works for others. I doubt all of the steps I took are necessary but you probably at least need to uninstall the app and reinstall it.


EDIT: Nevermind! The issue came back after about a week. 😠


Plan: Premium

Country: US

Device: Moto X4

Operating System: Android Pie



Recurring problem: 1) Download a bunch of music to SD card storage; 2) Works fine for a week or two; 3) Suddenly all downloaded music is gone and phone starts re-downloading it to the phone's internal storage instead of the SD card; 4) I check my offline devices in Account settings, and my one phone is listed five times as if it's five different devices.


This started happening every few weeks since updating to Pie a few months ago, and now it's happening every other day. I have deleted the cache, reset my offline devices, uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled for the third time in about a week. I even replaced my SD card with a new one because I thought it might be corrupted and the source of the problem. After doing all that (yesterday), the same thing happened again today - it all worked fine for a few hours, then suddenly all downloaded music was gone, phone started downloading again to internal storage, and the phone was listed multiple times in offline devices. The phone never powered off or rebooted between the time of my offline music working normally and when it was all removed.


Looks like Spotify has known about this problem for some time. This is horrible and needs to be fixed immediately.


UPDATE: So I made it about 3 weeks this time without Spotify suddenly dumping my downloads and re-downloading to internal storage (yay) until today (boo). This time I did see what caused it - I restarted my phone without shutting down first, and since Spotify was running in the background, it restarted the app before the SD card was mounted,  matching the behavior that others here have described. Typically I'm careful about powering off my phone before restarting it, which prevents the problem. However, sometimes my phone freezes and re-boots itself on its own, which is probably what caused the previous incidents. 


So now I know how to hopefully avoid the problem, but cheez louise Spotify developers can't you fix this bug already? You have NO excuse!



Same here with Samsung Galaxy A70 😞


Although my SD-card is encrypted, but this should be a fully transparent operation to any generic application like Spotify.


One of the workarounds is use the SD card for other purposes (like photos, offline maps, audio files or videos) hence leaving more internal space available for Spotify offline songs. This option sucks any way, especially if your device doesn't include adequate amount of internal built-in flash memory. You can try to format SD card as an internal storage or just moving some of the applications to the external storage if your device just supports it.


One of the best ways to overcome this problem is just to buy a phone at least 64-128 GB of internal storage, preferably more depending the case.


It seems like SD cards are getting less useful day by day since there is not enough support to use the external storage efficiently for most of the standard users anyway. It’s nice that Spotify have included the SD support including risk of extra work of the feature, but I’m afraid that we are “marginal” users and no one gives a #!"%@. Most of the people does use the streaming all day long without any offline caching.


I wonder where the focus is, should the working music player be one of the most important user experience and hence securing the income at least in the far future?


Redmi Note 4x (mido)

Syberia OS (9.0 Pie)

After trying various  Pie ROMs, I've decided rolling back to Oreo. I tried storage encryption and since it asks for password before booting it works most of the times, but sometimes I don't even reboot and the music is gone.

It's been hundreds of times it has happened. I mean, the 10 year warranty of Samsung's EVO+ is for real, but I don't know how much can my SD stand it.

My card is a 64GB EVO+, if it might be the problem.

Seriously, Spotify does not plan on even investigating this it appears.

Hey folks,


Thanks for posting about this in the Community, and apologies for the delayed reply!


This is something we are currently looking into, but we don't have any updates for the time being.


In the meantime, a user in the Community has posted a workaround which you might find helpful - just head over to this thread.


Let us know if that worked for you! We'll be here if you have any other questions.


Disregard my last post. Despite everything I did, this started happening again after about a week. Offline tracks get re-downloaded when I restart my device, storage location switches back to internal, and a new offline device shows up in my account.


Please fix this