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Issue with storage option switching from SD Card to internal






Moto X4

Operating System

Android Pie


My Question or Issue

 This happened with my last phone, Samsung S7 running Oreo (or whatever the most recent OS is) but it was fixed when I got the Moto X4. I like to keep a lot of songs downloaded offline because my service is terrible and I also spend a lot of time in the mountains. Before I I update my phone to the new Android Pie OS there was no problems. Now everytime I reset my phone I think spotify cannot see my SD card at first and tries to download all the music to its internal storage and I have to go back in and tell it to store it in the SD card. That is extremely annyoing but not the end of the world. What is really frustrating is that I think all of the downloaded songs are still on the SD card and just keep redownloading and taking up space. Eventually this will cause me to reformat the card which will be a major pain for me since I store a large amount of photos on there also. Is anyone else have this problem? I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the application so any other suggestions or help?

Hey there.


We just wanted to let you know that we've looked into this with the right folks now.


We are currently trying to resolve the issue. We don't have a timeframe for a fix, but we're really glad you let us know about this. If you have any other questions, just let us know!


Keep your app up-to-date and have a nice day 🙂

you can stop it by restricting ita battery usage before restart.
because pixel is the only phone that makes sense..... every other android
has the Google stuff and the manufacturers stuff. well google is the
manufacturer so no extra redundant stuff... also because i once had this
same problem long ago and now i just get emailed everytime someone else has
this problem and because i know 2 solutions I'm happy to tell people

I get it you love your pixel and you want everyone to have one too, wonderful, google approves it. But it's not affordable for everyone, at least in my country it does cost a lot. And it's not a solution but a workaround; if you could (you can't) add a SDCard to your phone you would still have this issue.


About the e-mail you can disable it by: Spotify Community -> Click in your login name > My settings > Subscriptions & Notifications > Email subscription options > Check all > Delete selected subscriptions

there are no solutions. Spotify doesn't have access to the start up code
for the phones without it there's nothing they can do, except restrict it
from opening until you open it yourself. which you can do on your own by
restricting its battery usage in settings. you can also move the Spotify
app to the sdcard using the development options. if you do you need to shut
off automatic updates because updating it will move it back to the
internal. they can't do anything about that either for the same reason
proprietary code. the other solution is don't encrypt your sdcard on many
phones its the process of decrypting the card that takes too long.

the pixel 7 pro is out and is like $1100 here, but you can get a pixel 6
pro which is still a very good smartphone for around $600.... if you're
talking about getting a Asus or other no name brand phone 🤷‍♂️ but pixel
also has the pixel 7a (or 6a) which is a discount version like the Samsung
'a' series phones are.

Well let's do some brainstorm, if I was a Spotify programmer I would think of:


option A) try load the library, don't start a new one in the case of any I/O exception and wait for the user to decide what to do (re-download using internal storage OR retry).


option B) try load the library, in the case of any I/O exception don't start downloading all over again, just retry it again in a few seconds until load is ok


option C) in the case the user changed the library location (internal to external or any other) try reading any already existing data before deleting it all


Any of that would work good.


About the Pixel price here in Brazil:
Pixel 7 costs about R$4800
Galaxy S23 Ultra R$3800
Moto Edge 30 R$2200
The minimum wage is R$1320


I have a Moto Z3 Play from 2018; I don't need a new phone, all the thing I need works great, only Spotify, a paid service, is working bad... I'll not buy a new phone only because of it.


How come there are no issues when I had all the offline music stored on the external storage with Qobuz?








(Samsung A50)


My Question or Issue

After I changed my storage to SD Card, Spotify always changes to internal storage, like after a day. Previous same issues solves with deleting offline devices, but I can no longer see my offline devices on spotify website. 

Please sort this out and stop messing about. 

There's no fix, the work arounds are; 1 use the developer options to force
allow apps on external move Spotify to external (re download library) you
must shut off auto updates and not update Spotify or it will switch back to
internal. 2 set Spotify's battery usage to restricted before each restart.
That will prevent it from loading at boot but also prevents it from running
in the background so you need to switch it back 3 don't restart 4 get a
phone with a large internal storage....



5. Give up on spotify and use other service (it was my solution). 😁



I gave up on them too! I got a refund! And I switched to Amazon Music (prime) Unlimited! 4 months for free!!!