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Low volume when casting Spotify


I had been using spotify with several google home devices for a few months with no problem.

It started about 1 month ago for no reasons: I have a very low volume when casting spotify on my devices:

Harman Kardon Citation 500

Google home mini


It means when I use google assistant or any other app (tunein for radio, bluetooth on the speaker..) the volume is perfectly fine and loud. When I Switch to Spotify I have to double the volume level at least to get the same output...!


Harman Kardon support couldn't help me at all so I hope someone can give me a solution ?

I've try unplugging the speakers, factory reset... didn't work


Thank you !

PS: i'm not a native english speaker so I hope I was clear enough



Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us and for all your valuable information.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.


Thanks again!


Hi Guys its now 2022 and the same fault has not been fixed. Google home playing Music from Spotify at 50% lower level than normal Google , Google will play your ADs at normal level and any announcements , but Music is still 50% lower. Why are you doing this ? If it was a fault you would have fixed it by now !!

No, they wouldn't. They don't really care about what their users' problems

Ultimately, it'll be up to the users to work around the problem.

they simply don't care and it will take time until they fix it. Until then don't pay these guys anymore since they don't care they are money hungry.


Are you still there @Novy or anyone at Spotify?


Just as of March I decided to test the music volume and it looks like they may have fixed. I have my speaker at 15% and everything seems leveled again. I'm also a free user so the ads are now even with the music volume so no more ads blasting very loud. Do you guys have the same results?


@goosy073103 It seems like it's (finally) working for me as well 🙂


Same here, volume is now consistent between Spotify and other sources when requested verbally using assistant on a Google Cast enabled speaker. 


Although I'm not going to count my chickens just yet as I recall that after the problem first occurred for me, a few months later it was back to normal but then returned a while later and has remained for the last year or so. Fingers crossed tho! 


Yes. It luckily finally works 🙂


Seems to be working correctly here as well, but I see that the idea hasn't been updated by Spotify as fixed (still showing "not right now", infuriatingly) - so I hope the fix isn't a fluke that gets undone because fixing it was accidental.

Tested here on both an Echo Show and a Google Mini speaker.  Both are behaving correctly in terms of volume level.  Spotify shows the volume level in the Linux desktop app (and Android app) as being set to what the device is set to (in my case, 40%), and changing the slider changes the device volume as before, but the volume levels seem to be using much better normalization.


I use my speaker to sleep and that only works with the lowest volume. Now it's shouting at me even at 3%, and below that it just mutes. Wish this issue was solved with the other people in mind (who actually want or NEED low volume from their speakers). Can't sleep now.