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[Mobile] Unable to download podcast episodes

We've received reports that users are unable to download podcast episodes on the mobile app. Downloading music is unaffected and works as usual.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We're happy to announce that this should now be fixed for everyone running the latest version of Spotify 😎


If you're still having trouble you can post a new thread in the relevant help board here.


Cheers 🤘


This doesn't work for me. I have the same download problem, except I'm trying to download podcasts I haven't listened to 








iPhone 14 pro

Operating System

iOS 17.5


My Question or Issue

Podcasts no longer download into storage. Neither automatically nor manually. They will play/stream like normal, but saving on data is why I prefer to download over wifi and listen on the go.


Songs/albums/playlists download and auto update like normal.


I have tried uninstalling/installing and found it temporarily solved the problem, only to return the next day.



Hello, same problem here since last week, but in a Android


Have the same issue, so frustrating


Same problem here iOS 17.5.1 iPhone SE.
Issue started about 2 weeks ago.

Cleared cache; it partially resolved but it lasted 1 day and after that I couldn't download any podcasts.

Uninstalled, cleared cache, re-installed, re-configured... problem seemed gone for 1 day then came back the next day.

No way to download podcasts episodes neither via WIFI nor cellular network.


Same issue here. Very frustrating and not even changing settings and re-installing the app worked. 








Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

Operating System

Android version 14


I have auto-download turned on for 28 shows. This has worked for several years no problems. Has suddenly stopped working. If I go into 'New Episodes' and manually select the download arrow or go through the three dots menu and select download it will say 'Added to Your Episodes', if I repeat this action it will say 'Saved to Your Library' but the arrow does not change to the download square and it will not show up in my 'Your Episodes'. Can download music. Can play the podcasts through wifi or mobile data without downloading. App is updated. 

I have turned my phone off and on several times. I have done a clear data and cache and deleted and reinstalled the app twice (I can't locate the file to delete). Immediately after reinstalling the app I can manually download the podcasts but it won't auto-download and I can't manually download later that day. 

Also, and I don't know if related, but at the same time when the spotify app is open it has stopped the phone screen timeout which is set at 30 seconds from happening. If I don't close the spotify app the screen won't timeout which is frustrating but manageable. 

Phone settings: Power saving off,  Spotify has unrestricted battery use, 130 GB storage available

Spotify settings: download audio only and stream audio only on, download using mobile data on (at home I only have wifi but during the day sometimes go through mobile spots), podcast episodes removed automatically after playing.

I don't keep old phones so don't have access to another device to try. 

I work remotely and listen to downloaded podcasts during the day to keep me sane. Would very much appreciate any assistance. 




Same Here, it just started for me after last weeks update. I cannot download ANY podcasts. Yo Spotify, are you working on fixing this?! 


Thank you so much for posting, I have had this EXACT same issue and now I know I am not going crazy. Spotify, please fix this ASAP. 

it seems to be an account issue since it is the same problem on ALL my devices… desktop, iPhone and iPad. Seemed to start after the last update.


Hey, Spotify. So, posting here since looking through the forms there are a few other people having this issue since last weeks’ update.

The issue is that I cannot download any podcast episodes. Therefor the “your episodes” section is now broken and empty. Clicking on download button on episodes does not work at all. Music can still download fine, but Podcasts are now totally broken.

This is NOT a device issue but looks like an account issue since the same is for all my devices. Desktop, iPad and iPhone all have issues downloading podcasts. I’m a tech guys so before you ask, yes, I have cleared the cache, did a clean install, tried different internet and cell connections etc…



plan: premium 

device: iPhone XR

IOS: 17.5.1

country: Canada

Spotify version: