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Multiple SD card storage options are shown in app settings

Hey everyone!


We've been receiving reports about the app displaying multiple SD cards in the storage options. 



If you're experiencing this, let us know by adding your +VOTE and follow the instructions in the Status Update below.

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Hey folks,


We just wanted to confirm that the right teams are looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, at the moment, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.


Thanks again for reporting this!


So the problem that has been going on for years with saving playlists to an SD card to only have them moved to internal storage. Tried every thing nothing works. And I mean everything. Once Spotify updates it seems like that's what reverts all settings. And seeing that Spotify updated almost weekly with no change log in Google play how is any one suppose to know if its a worth wile update or some un noticeable "stability" update...


Now. Spotify is showing that I have 3 SD cards. Yeah you heard me 3 Sd cards. Two of them are are reflection of the internal storage space. Tried deleting files and went as far as trying to find the root files in Android but nothing..


Getting really annoyed paying for something called premium that really doesn't feel premium, with a problem like this that has been so wide spread for years... And it's not getting any better. 

This problem needs to be fixed. It's beyond annoying for those who pay for premium so they can save playlists offline. 








Samsung Galaxy S20

Operating System

Android 11 



Hey @ABakes,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Sorry to hear that you're having such an experience with the app.


We'd recommend running a clean reinstall of the app. Please follow the steps from this Spotify Guide exactly, as this will assure that all app data is cleared completely, before reinstalling.


Also, make sure that Battery optimization is not enabled for Spotify from the system app settings, as well as that the app is granted all permissions. These settings could be hindering the performance of the app.


Spotify shouldn't switch storage back to your internal memory after every update. This may be caused by an app or process on your device, which is clearing spotify cache, in which user settings are saved. Check if your device has automatic performance or battery optimization processes enabled and exclude Spotify from those.


It might also be worth checking if this happens if you use another SD card on your phone.


Keep us posted on how you get on with this.




I have the same problems with my S20+. Also did a clean reinstall. Didn't work out for me 😞






United States


Samsung Galaxy A20

Operating System

Android 11


My Question or Issue

Today i had to shut down the phone and after the restart all my downloaded songs went away, the silly app was telling me the downloads just werent there, it was asking if i could download over cellular, after i got home i pulled the SD card and plugged it into my computer and windirstat showed that spotify's folder was using 15GB of music, in other words my downloaded library... oh joy, so i uninstalled the app and deleted the folder from the SD card then re downloaded the app, now im getting three different Sd card locations with two of them being mirrors of the internal storage, ive done the clean install stuff, and i cant erase cache storage and dont have root access, id love some help, but i would also add that every update either adds some feature i hate like the new library, or the new widget that made everything smaller, and ive noticed my spotify updated last night and hey guess what a new glitch, i love paying for a service that forces me to a new system that made my music and my podcasts get all mixed up and when telling the library to show only my downloads, it promptly ignores me when i then go into a folder.

I have the exact same problem with my Galaxy S10

Hi @compzach and @sergiob92,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.


First up, we suggest that you try removing the SD card > restarting your phone > performing a clean reinstall of the app. After these steps, let us know if you're still seeing the multiple SD card locations.


If the issue persists, would you mind trying with a different SD card to check if that makes the difference?


We'll be on the lookout.

I should note that the Phone says its my SDCard that has the multiple
locations, but the locations listed are mirrors of my phones internal
storage, the SD Card itself only shows up once, the app just thinks its the
SDCard, the two mirror locations still appear, i have actually performed a
clean install three times and boot the phone into boot interrupt mode to
clean the cache partition, the two folders always remain, i also cannot
remove the folders myself cause they are stored in either the root
directory of the phones storage or in an area that i cannot access without
root permissions i have tried and even tried using ADB through a PC i
cannot delete the folders myself without completely wiping my phone and
doing a factory reset.

Hey @compzach,


Thanks for the reply.


Note that we might not be able to help with this issue, as it seems to be related to the way your phone handles writing cache or due to SD card errors. 


Nevertheless, well do our best to try and find a solution. Can you try removing your SD card, and checking whether the close internal storage locations still show up?


Keep us posted.


Already tried factory reset, and also sent to Samsung for system rebuilt. Didn't work, still showing multiple SD cards. 

I too have had these storage issues...

As far as I can remember, never have I had these issues with Spotify. That is until the "Your Library" UI/UX overhaul update, where the different filters ("Playlists", "Artists", etc.) were added. (I want to say this update was around July or August.) This is when I noticed this bug for the first time.

I have been trying to solve this for months, hoping the bug would be patched... Not only have I checked Spotify's permissions in my phone's settings, but I have done a complete factory reset of my phone (wiping all personal data). *For others trying to troubleshoot this issue, I do not recommend this.*

After a long period of reconfiguring my phone and installing Spotify, I checked the "Storage" settings. Nothing changed. In a last effort attempt to solve this bug, I bought a new SD card for my phone. But unfortunately this didn't fix the issue either.

As another loyal and longtime user, I ask that Spotify's dev team looks into patching this bug.

*Thank you, and please keep us posted with any updates.