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Playlist in a bottle 2023 not showing up

We've been getting reports that some users are unable to access the Playlist in a bottle 2023 they made to be unlocked in 2024.

This is currently being looked into.

Hey folks!

We've checked with the team, and if you're not seeing the playlist for 2023, it's possible that you didn't lock in any songs in 2023 in order to get the experience in 2024.

We're unfortunately not able to say exactly why - It could be that the experience never got fully completed, an unexpected error popped up when finishing up, a confirmation was never sent or something else didn't go as planned.

However, rest assured that if you've locked the experience for 2025, you'll will be able to enjoy it next year.








Samsung Galaxy A54


Android 14


Je ne retrouve pas ma Playlist pour plus tard 2023, en effet j'ai quitté l'application sans faire exprès au moment où j'ai reçu la notification et depuis impossible de la retrouver...


Moi aussi ! Je cherche un moyen mais ue trouve rien :')


Pareil pour moi ! 🥲


I made a playlist in a bottle at the beginning of last year but now It’s not showing up. Around mid 2023 I looked it up again but it said it was locked until 2024, so I know for sure I made it and it was saved. I went back to the playlist in a bottle thing but it doesn’t give me the option to claim my playlist, only make one for 2025.



When I opened the application last night, I received the Musical Time Capsule notification. I closed the tab because I had urgent work at that time. I can access a playlist called Time Capsule, but I cannot find the same tab again. I think a special slide was prepared for me, just like in the Summary of the Year.I remember that I sealed the playlist with a teddbear. Where did it all go? Thanks.


When I opened Spotify last night it showed me the playlist in a bottle notification - so I tried to open it, but there was just a “something went wrong, reaload” button. When I press it nothing happens, tried the it with the web version, the same happens 😞

Il faut taper « playlist in a bottle » dans la barre de recherche sur l’appli 😉



I was having the same issue so i tweeted spotify and they gave this link which worked for me!


Same here— when I searched this topic and went to the Spotify link they list in their instructions, it takes me to my 2024 playlist that is locked until 2025. The one I made in 2023 is nowhere to be found.

- rebeccav14 on Spotify 


same i can only make a new one (which i did) but never got the option to open last year’s and it isn’t in my playlists either