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 I like to use the playlist radio feature to find new songs for my playlist, but recently I can't find the option anymore on my computer. I used to just press the ellipses to the right of the 'play/pause' button on the playlist, then I would press the 'go to playlist radio' button. But now I don't see that option, while I do still it on my android phone. Where is it?



Hi all,


Thanks for your patience.


We've checked it out, and the reason why you're currently missing some features is explained here. We're always testing things in order to improve the overall experience on Spotify.


You should still be able to start a Radio station based on other content, for example an Artist or Album. The music will keep on playing if you have Autoplay enabled.


Be sure to leave any feedback about changes in the Ideas section.


Thanks and have a nice day.

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Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

 Since two days I'm not able to create an album radio out of my album list. I used to right-click the album name and choose "Gehe zu Album-Radio" ("go to album-radio") and it worked fine for me! But since monday this option doesn't create a real radio, it just gives me a playlist called Radio without the possibilites provided by a real radio stream (thumbs up/down for songs, hearing music without time limit). Now I have to manually create the radio I want, which is very uncomfortable!

Is this a general Spotify-Problem at the moment or am I able to do anything to solve it? Would be great if this "go to"-option would be work again as it's meant to do.

I even made a screenshot to visualize what I mean.

Playlist Radio.png

Same here. What bothers me more is the missing "go to playlist radio" entry in the contextmenu when clicking on a playlist.


Same here, the option to 'go to playlist radio' has disappeared.

Seriously Spotify, I'm getting **bleep** off by these unanouced changes. When will you consider to respect your customers (premium user here) and stop removing feature that are used ?
Care to explain ?

Music Fan

I can no longer right click on my playlists and choose "go to playlist radio"!
How do I create a station based on a playlist now?


Bummer, hopefully it comes back. Was very useful! 

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Hey @PelleChevelle


What version of Spotify are you on? I'm on 1.0.95 and I'm able to go to playlist radios.

You can see the version in Spotify: menu dots - Help - About Spotify.


I suggest reinstalling your Spotify client, follow this article for guidance. Maybe it's just a hiccup. :)


Let me know how you get on!


My desktop version is This option is gone for me in both the PC desktop app and the Android app. 


This is really strange as I can still access the artist and song radios through their relevant menus. I found a workaround for now: if you go to Stations in the menu, unfollow any Stations that you follow, then a button will appear, 'Create a new station', that will allow you to do a search for a playlist.


I hope this is just a bug because this is one of my most used features!

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I took a look into the Stations menu as well. The 'Create new station' appears when every followed station is unfollowed.

However, you can create a new station in the Radio menu too, without having to unfollow things:

playlistradios.PNGIn the Radio menu you'll see this 'Create New Station' button which opens the search tab on the right.

Are you on Free or Premium?


Let me know how you get on :)


Yeah this works for the PC app. Can't access this same screen on Android though. And the easiest method - Go to playlist radio - still not working.


I'm on Premium. Thanks anyway