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Spotify app not available in Google Play Store on Galaxy Watches

 Hey folks,


Due to some technical issues our Spotify app listing for Wear OS was removed from the Play Store yesterday. We're working with Google to get it back up and make it available again!



Hi everyone,


Thank you for your patience with this one.


We've received word that the issue has been sorted out and the Spotify app should be back on the Google Play Store 🙂





I bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Google PlayStore doesn't list Spotify. Does anyone know how to install Spotify?


Hi. I have also just received a new Galaxy Watch5 and I have the same issue.

My region is Switzerland, if that matters.


My watch runs WearOs 3.5 and my region is Germany.


I've attached some screenshots of the Play Store on mobile and web, as well as the Software versions of my Watch.

Screenshot 2023-06-14 203301.png
Screenshot_20230614_202911_Galaxy Watch5 Manager.png
Screenshot_20230614_200154_Google Play Store.png
I have a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (Android 13) and a new Galaxy Watch 5 running Wear OS 3.5. When I search "Spotify" in Google Play Store on the watch, it doesn't show up. Searching for it on the phone doesn't show an "install on more devices" option, and when searching for it on the web, it shows "not compatible with this device".

I had an S21 Ultra and a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in the past and had no problems installing Spotify on the watch.

Any ideas?

Same issue here. Just bought a brand new Watch 5 Pro to go running with whilst listening to Spotify, but the app appears as not working for my device. This is the most up to date Samsung watch!? 

Screenshot_20230614_230832_Google Play Store.jpg

SAMSUNG SM-R925F = My watch model


I also have the same issue on my galaxy watch five pro

If I try to download Spotify from the play store website, it says that the watch is incompatible. Everywhere I look says that Spotify should be compatible. Its a samsung SM-R860 running Wear OS 3.5
When I first got my pixel watch I downloaded Spotify but due to the features being limited I uninstalled the app, now the features have changed , i thought I would give it another try , when going to the play store on my watch or in the watch app on my pixel 7 Pro, it no longer available, I have tried searching, restating my watch, clearing the cache within the play store settings and updating the pixel watch play store and still when I search for Spotify is no longer there , nothing comes up but other audio apps like YouTube music and Amazon prime music etc . Can someone please look into this , very annoying, as pixel feature drop just came out and I can't even use one of the new features