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Wrong metadata displayed on car radio via Bluetooth


On my Mazda 3 2018 the song title and song name freezes after first track is played after i start my car. The forward and backward buttons to change song  on my steering wheel still works though.


This is with my Oneplus 7t Pro connected through bluetooth. This started to happens after two (or one, cant be sure) updates of Spotify ago.


Hello all,


We can confirm that the underlying root cause for what caused this issue when it was first opened has been resolved. The amount of votes per week and reports this issue has received have slowed down considerably and we see quite a few confirmations that everything works as usual, which confirms that for the majority of users, this should be fixed and the remaining reports have different causes.


We've noticed Pioneer and JVC-Kenwood radios being mentioned in the posts. If that's the case, check here for more information, as these are unrelated to this investigation.


There is a subset of other devices which still experience a variant of this issue - delays in the metadata updates or similar. Investigations have shown that these are most likely caused by deep sleep regimes or the odd BlueTooth incompatibility.


Full support is only possible on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enabled dashboards. We'll keep tweaking and optimizing the app to try and alleviate issues, however we cannot guarantee complete functionality across all different car and phone models. Some users have posted different alternatives in this thread that could help so it's worth trying those out.


If there're any further updates, we'll make sure to post them.


Take care and safe driving!


Latest version Spotify seems fixed


The problem is fixed for me as well.

The playlist on the car radio is displayed and track can be selected.

If you had this issue you should update and test it out.


JVC KD-702-BT car radio.

Android version 11
Spotify updated to latest version in playstore.

On the screen of the radio car it always shows "connecting" and never connects.
I have updated the jvc firmware to the latest version

I have removed Spotify and installed Spotify again and the error continues.
Bluetooth works perfectly talking on the phone but it is impossible to connect with Spotify

Is there any solution?


Still not fixed on iOS 15.3.1 with app 8.7.10. (BMW Car with iDrive NBT)
Hopefully the fix comes soon ! You got this Spotify team 🙂

All working well now 🙂

Oppo Find X3 Pro and 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander. Stopped working when I had to urgently change phones Christmas eve. Previous using an Huawei P30 Pro

Hopped in the car three days ago and it was working.


@franpinera  Yea this is ongoing issue you should checkout this post and vote here:


Hey folks,


Thank you for your patience.


Could you let us know if anyone is still having the issue? If so, would you mind including the Spotify version you're currently running on your device in your next response?


We'll be on the lookout.


I'm still having the same issue.

The version that "works" for me is the I mean... it works but if I use spotify only. But when I use GMaps and Spotify together the song/artist name freezes as well.


Android 11

Totyota Touring Sports Hybrid with Toyota Touch.


Still occurring on my 2017 Chrysler Pacifica on Now all the metadata appears momentarily before I lose the album name and the track position information. Oddly enough, the Spotify Kids app works just fine in the same car. Get it together Spotify.


I am still experiencing the same issue with track metadata stuck on the first song. (I guess issue is only with Spotify, works well with Deezer for instance)


I have updated spotify to the latest version

Tried reinstalling.

Tried rebooting the phone.


Toyota Corolla 2020

Android 11