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Wrong metadata displayed on car radio via Bluetooth


On my Mazda 3 2018 the song title and song name freezes after first track is played after i start my car. The forward and backward buttons to change song  on my steering wheel still works though.


This is with my Oneplus 7t Pro connected through bluetooth. This started to happens after two (or one, cant be sure) updates of Spotify ago.


Hello all,


We can confirm that the underlying root cause for what caused this issue when it was first opened has been resolved. The amount of votes per week and reports this issue has received have slowed down considerably and we see quite a few confirmations that everything works as usual, which confirms that for the majority of users, this should be fixed and the remaining reports have different causes.


We've noticed Pioneer and JVC-Kenwood radios being mentioned in the posts. If that's the case, check here for more information, as these are unrelated to this investigation.


There is a subset of other devices which still experience a variant of this issue - delays in the metadata updates or similar. Investigations have shown that these are most likely caused by deep sleep regimes or the odd BlueTooth incompatibility.


Full support is only possible on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enabled dashboards. We'll keep tweaking and optimizing the app to try and alleviate issues, however we cannot guarantee complete functionality across all different car and phone models. Some users have posted different alternatives in this thread that could help so it's worth trying those out.


If there're any further updates, we'll make sure to post them.


Take care and safe driving!


For me this is now settled. Audi A1/Fiat 500 displaying track info correctly on the most up to date app. I am using a xiaomi mi mix 2S with lineageOS







(Huawei P20 Pro)

Operating System

(Android 10)


My Question or Issue



I am facing an issue and I beleive I am not the only one.


When playing a song in my car (2016 VW Jetta), the track informations are not updated correctly and shows the title of the previous song.


I found a few posts about this issue but no solution :

Android App: Transmit Track Info via Bluetooth

Wrong title on bluetooth

Wrong Title when playing in car over A2DP


I tried changing the AVRCP profile to 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 without success but no solution.

The phone is a Huawei P20 Pro.




Same for me.


Updated yesterday to check if bug was solved but no luck, it's still present.


Metadata on car's radio dashboard still freezing after the first song played.


  • Your car brand and model: Renault Clio IV (2014)
  • Current dashboard firmware version and if there have been updates recently, when?: Stock car's firmware
  • Your phone's model and OS version: OnePlus 6t with Android 11
  • The current Spotify version you have: (with premium plan)

FYI, just following up on this topic since I was bored. To all you people still struggling with this headache, consider the following.

I rolled back my Spotify to version (, dated Aug 3rd, 2021) per another posters suggestion. I did that on 1/7/22.  I've had Zero problems since and use it all the time. Everything works as it always did previously. There may be other versions that will work too but time is precious and I'm good.

Quit suffering and wake up, you ain't missing nothing with that newest version anyhow.


Thanks Poorman357


Android 11

Spotify version works properly

Next Version doesn't work on my smartphone


link download version

verify official version




Last version still fails.

It seems to work but it don't. I mean, if I play a video or something that contains audio the metadata goes crazy and two things could happen:


1) The car audio system shows nothing, neither artist name, no song name and no album name.

2) The artist, song and album name freezes as usual in the last 8 months.


Android 11

2018 Toyota Auris Touring Sports with Toyota Touch


Updated today, it's still present.


Metadata on car's radio dashboard still freezing after the first song played.


  • Your car brand and model: Pioneer MVH-A210BT. Also Toyota C-HR (2021) With Toyota Touch 2
  • Current dashboard firmware version and if there have been updates recently, when?: Last.
  • Your phone's model and OS version: Xiaomi Mi9SE Global Edition MIUI 12.5.1 (Android 11).
  • The current Spotify version you have: (with premium plan). Works fine on (Sep 2021).


dear users, could you help us to catch enough VOTES, for this volume control IDEA, it's same as it was here but again Spotify decide to disable something which works in last versions, here's a link for a IDEA:

link to IDEA for volume control 


Hey folks,

Thank you for keeping us updated.

To investigate this further, we need to gather a bit more information about the devices involved. In your next response, include:

- The make and model of your car.
- The make and model of the mobile device.
- OS version.
- Spotify version.


We’ll be on the lookout.


I’m still having issues with this, my car is a 2014 Mini Cooper S with the full size media screen (Media XL pack)

My phone is iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 15.3.1

And spotify is running on version

This issue is not intermittent and has always had this problem.

In my car most of the time it will just show the correct details first song/album/artist but then when the next song plays (whether it is skipped or naturally goes on to the next one) it doesn’t update any info except the play bar along the bottom which seems to always show the correct length of song and how far through it is. Occasionally my car will show it as unknown artist and unknown song but this is normally resolved by going to radio and then going back into external media.