Android App: Transmit Track Info via Bluetooth

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since this week, spotify shows me the wrong title via bluetooth



1. Song - Song Title 1.

2. Song - shows song title 1.

3. song - shows song title 2.

4. Song - shows Sing title 3.


I'm not the only one with this problem.



This is my device:

Nexus 5x


Spotify armV7



Hey folks,
Thanks for the reports. 
We can confirm the tech team are aware of this, and working towards a solution. We don't have a timeframe for a fix, but hopefully we'll have an update soon. 
For now, we'd recommend keeping you app up-to-date.
Thanks for bearing with us,

When i'm listening to music (via bluetooth) with my LG G4 on my seat leon, the car shows me the wrong song title.




1. Song - Song Title 1.

2. Song - shows song title 1.

3. song - shows song title 2.

4. Song - shows Sing title 3.



i am using android 6.0 newest version and spotify


I tried to uninstall spotify, tried to use older versions, tried to clear the cache of the bluetooth. Un&repair device with my car, nothing helps.

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Hey @dieserak, welcome to the Community!


Can you send us a picture showing the wrong title in your car and a screenshot of what you can see on the app?


We'll take a closer look.


It seems we didn't receive a reply from your end. For this reason, we're setting this post as "Closed".

Don't hesitate to write us back if you need some extra help.
Our best,
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I have the same issue with the LG G6, any solution?


The same problem occurs on my car since 2 days.


Nexus 5x


Spotify armV7

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Hi, @Karl_V!


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


Could you let us know if this started happening after a specific update or event? Also, can you try the steps here for us? They should help with this.


Let us know how it goes. 


Hi @MonicaM_Bogota,


in my opinion this issue appears after the update on version Spotify armV7. But I'm not sure. 

I'll reinstall it and check it again. 


Alright @Karl_V!


Take your time to do it and let us know how it goes.


We'll be right here if you need us 🙂


Hi @Julian and @MonicaM_Bogota,


I reinstalled the App but the problem still occures:


I play the first Song - The car is displaying Song Title 1.

I play the second Song - The car is displaying title 1.

I play the third Song - The car is displaying Song Title 2.

I play the fourth Song - The car is displaying Song Title 3.

and so on.