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Wrong artwork cover on car's Bluetooth.

Wrong artwork cover on car's Bluetooth.






Nothing Phone 1 

Operating System

Android 13


Hyundai Tucson (2021)


My Question or Issue

Mobile connected via Bluetooth (not android auto with cable, only Bluetooth).

Music plays from Spotify. The title and the artwork cover in the first track play well. In the next one, the title changes but the artwork cover remains the same as the previous one. On the 3rd track, you see title name change normally of the 3rd track but artwork cover of the 2nd. You move on to the next one and so on.

With another player everything works fine.

But since I'm very comfortable with Spotify, I'm struggling to make it work properly. I found some tips for changing the Bluetooth avrcp and battery optimization, but it's useless. The only thing I managed to do is not to show the artwork cover to any player by changing the Bluetooth avrcp but with the song titles changing correctly. In order to show the artwork cover it needs to have Bluetooth profile avrcp 1.6.

The infotainment of the car should not be to blame. It's most likely a Spotify bug after some update that I didn't hear about. It definitely has something to do with the Bluetooth avrcp profiles and how Spotify transfers the metadata to the car's infotainment.

In other players of my mobile the artwork cover changes normally. Like something sticks and stays in the artwork of the previous song while the next one is playing. It transfers the metadata, but laterally.

Is there any solution because it is very frustrating? I am very comfortable with Spotify and would not like to remove it.

Thanks in advance


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Hi dgian,

Just tried the new Spotify version and it sure shows a different behavior: Sometimes I do not see any cover art, sometimes I see the correct cover art. But I never saw wrong cover art. Jumping back and forth between songs (which did not have cover art displayed) caused it to get displayed, sometimes.



Phone: Fairphone 4

AVRCP: 1.6 (I set this manually earlier, hoping it would fix something)

Android version: 13

Car: VW id.3 (2023)


Edit: I can also confirm that pausing and unpausing a song does show the correct cover art. Today, I never got any cover art, just letting the songs play (i.e. without skipping back and forth). But the correct cover was always shown when unpausing a song.

For me it is working now!

Only the first cover isn't showing up but all the following ones are correct.



Phone: Poco F3 /Xiaomi K40

Car: 2023 Hyundai TUCSON NX4 (With big Nav)

My song info/artist is working again, but the skipping issue is still a problem. I was listening to a song the other day, paused it to switch to a different song and it glitched and switched to my kids' station again. Anyone have any ideas?

I had the Bluetooth AVRCP version set to 1.6 all the time.

Even after switching to version 1.4 and back to 1.6, the phenomenon that the artwork cover only appears after pausing and restarting the song persists. Funnily enough, it can also happen that it randomly appears with the next song. Then the covers appear again for the next 2 or 3 songs. The fourth song has no cover and you have to pause and restart to see it. Very strange, but at least it's better than before when the wrong cover was always displayed. Maybe they'll get the little things right so that the correct artwork cover is always displayed 😉.

Hi DestroyedPerceptions, sorry, but which skipping issue do you talk about? Are you sure that you posted this in the correct thread? This thread is about the cover art not showing up correctly on some phones.

Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean with your kids' station. Do you mean, that your car switched from bluetooth to a radio station? This sounds like an issue with your car infotainment software to me...?

Comme j'utilise l'application gratuitement, il y a des publicités. Mais depuis que les pubs de la voiture bleue électrique passent. Elles bloquent. La publicité continue à l'infini et ne se termine jamais même après les 30 secondes. Ducoup m'a musique ne se remet pas. En plus à chaque fois c'est la même pub de la voiture.

The problem of the visitor above has nothing to do with BT artwork issue. He/She probably posted his problem to the thread that was most recent. Not to mention, the user decided to post in French. That was a nice touch 🙂

I conform that Spotify version has fixed the album art problem in OnePlus12 for BMW and Mercedes MBUX infotainment systems. Thanks for the support 👍

Hi dgian,

For me it is still the same behavior with Spotify version Most of the times I do not see any cover art, except for the first song. I never see wrong cover art. Jumping back and forth between songs (which did not have cover art displayed) caused it to get displayed, sometimes. Pausing and unpausing a song does always show the correct cover art.



Phone: Fairphone 4 (up-to-date with Android 13, Build FP4.TP2D.C.0112.20240313, Kernel 4.19.157-perf+)

AVRCP: 1.6 (I set this manually earlier, hoping it would fix something)

Android version: 13

Car: VW id.3 (2023)

Yep, the exact same behavior still occurs for me as by dbachran.

It is the same for me. Spotify version

I have the same issue one plus 12r did you change the Bluetooth AVRCP to 1.6??


I have a Tesla and the issue persists, it annoys me to the end of this earth. FIX IT, JFC!

Using One Plus 12R

I have the latest Spotify version (as of May 8th 2024), AVRCP 1.6 enabled, and artwork still doesn't update when the next track plays.

Pixel 6 pro android 14 no song image hyundai i20 2022

Still the same for me with Spotify version (and AVRCP 1.6).

Additional note: With AVRCP 1.5 (the default), I never see any cover art, regardless if pausing/unpausing or skipping between songs.

Hey folks,


Thanks for all your replies and for the info shared.


We've gone ahead and passed your reports to the right team, and they're currently looking into this. However, we can't confirm when or if this will be fixed.


In that sense, we'd suggest you keep both the app and the car's receiver/unit up to date, so you won't miss any developments.


We'll be on the lookout!

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Bunch of clowns working for Spotify.

Has been an issue since, let me check my notes "2023-06-19" LMAOOOOOOOOOO

How is this not something a staff software engineer jumps on in one day and fixes. give him a one plus 12r (400 dollars, expense it to the company) and rent a Tesla for day or two. Done, you can re create it yourself and actually fix it.

Not to defend Spotify (I am also one of the persons who reported the issue) but this seems to affect almost all Chinese phones (OnePlus's, Xioamis, Oppos etc.) and affects not only Teslas but Hyundais, BMWs, Mercs and other car brands. I say, not that easy to catch about what's different in the Bluetooth stack interpretation of Chinese brands. The brands don't release that kind of information to app developers. I used to have a Samsung before OnePlus and regardless of the car or Spotify version I used, the Album art always worked flawlessly. Clearly, there is something bizarre going on with the Chinese brands.






iPhone 15 Pro

Operating System

iOS 17.5


My Question or Issue

Hey, I switched from Apple Music to Spotify and in my car I can't see the Song Cover Pictures in the display. With Apple Music I saw them. Is there anything I can change in the settings that I can see them with Spotify?

With Apple CarPlay I can see them, but not with Bluetooth.

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