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[iOS] Cover art + track title is "stuck" on the first track played on BMW head unit

Track titles and cover art is not displayed correctly on BMW (2015) when playing through Bluetooth or the USB interface in the center console.


Symptom: Music plays and it is possible to switch tracks, but the cover art and track title is "stuck" on the first track played. It played great in the past and playing well with other music apps.



(iPhone Xs) Running version 13.3.1

Car: BMW X6M 2015

Hey folks,  


We haven't had any updates for you all in a while and in the interest of keeping this thread updated for other users stumbling upon it, we'll go ahead and mark it as Won't Fix for now. 


Rest assured that we've passed on your reports to the teams around this. This is a very specific issue to this particular device setup with BMW head units and seems to be affecting only a smaller subset of users. However, if you're experiencing something similar but on a different head unit, we'd recommend starting a separate thread here so we can take a look. 


Keep in mind that this doesn't eliminate that a future update of the app could improve things for you, so keeping the app always updated is a great idea.


We do appreciate you taking the time to add your comments in this thread! If we have any further updates for you regarding this, we'll make sure to share them in this thread with you.


Yes, I've just updated Spotify and IOS to the latest version and the issue with cover art and music name stuck in 1st track remains. All I can do now is hope that some developer that works for Spotify is aware of this issue and that a fix will come in the next update. I've also realised that this issue is not just related to bluetooth streaming but also USB. This really sucks big time!!!! Not sure if this issue is related only to BMWs? I hope this issue affects all car makers so then Spotify will have to fix this soon. 

>From other postings in the forum I have seen this happening on most car
models. So it doesn't seem to be limited to BMW. It's all USB connections.
And it is beyond infuriating for a PAID service.

I have updated the BMW Connected drive to the latest version and now the track cover and music info is displayed correctly.  The only issue that remains is the track couting that is messed up. If you are playing the 1st track out of  30 tracks in a playlist, instead of showing 1/30 it shows 6/6 or 843/843 and other non sense info like that, but at least I get the correct art cover and the music name and artist which is the most important. 

So,  if you are still experiencing issues with stuck art cover and track info in your 2015/16 BMW, try to update your car software. It worked for me!!! 

My iDrive software is up to date.


Same problem! Spotify Premium in a 2015 BMW 335i. Never been an issue before. Only started after the Spotify update a few weeks ago.


Whatever song I play first is locked in on the screen for the entire time I use the app. SUPER frustrating when listening to a playlist and wanting to know what song is on. I now have to pull my phone out while driving which defeats the whole purpose of syncing to the car...


PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP! Apple Music (which I hate) displays correctly every time, so I’ve started using it out of frustration & I don’t want to always have to resort to that.



I agree that this super frustrating. All was working well till a few
updates ago. I have Premium service. It should work for a paid service. I
have resorted to Amazon. Amazon works on my car.

What irritates me even more is Spotify not even addressing this issue
exists. And I have seen several posts about this same issue.

I absolutely agree with you. The issue continues. I pay for Spotify. No
recent updates have addressed the issue. I'm beyond frustrated. I have been
using my Amazon account for music. It works!







MacBook Pro 2018


Operating System

iOS 10


My Question or Issue

This problem only shows up on the desktop app on my laptop. I updating the cover art and descriptions on all of my playlists last night. On my profile page and on the home page, it shows the updated image, but clicking on the playlist, the image is of the previous one. I have tried reuploading the image MULTIPLE times, I have restarted my computer, I have done a clean reinstall twice, and nothing has worked. How do I get the cover art to stay updated?


Pictures included.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 1.29.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 1.34.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 1.36.16 PM.png
I have the same issue on my 2015 BMW 335i. The first song artwork and song information gets stuck/frozen on the screen. The problem began around December 2019/January 2020. Hopefully Spotify fixes this issue soon. I have tried everything!

Hey everyone,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community.


We’d like to ask you to check if what you’ve reported still happens with a different phone (maybe from a family member or friend) as this might be a good indicator of where the issue actually lies.


It’d also be good, at this point, to check if there’s any updates available for your car’s firmware since that could do the trick. 


Lastly, for the moment, we suggest keeping updates for both your phone and app activated to receive any improvements by the time they get rolled out. Since there are multiple devices and car models involved, we can't say when there could be any developments, but keeping your phone and car's system updated is the best practice we can advise.


Take care!