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[iOS] Playback pausing randomly in background




United Kingdom


iPhone 11 

Operating System

iOS 14.3


My Question or Issue

This problem has been ongoing for a while so I’m not listening to much music anymore because of this.


Basically, whenever I’m trying to listen to the songs in my playlists, Spotify will randomly stop the music, and it will not show in the control centre or on the locked screen. The only way to resume listening it to open the app and press play. However it doesn’t continue where it left off, it will play the song from the beginning, which is really annoying. 

I’ve tried clearing cache, restarting the app, reinstalled the app, restarting my phone, etc. But nothing has seemed to fix this. It happens with my phone only, not on any of my other devices. I’m at a loss on what I can do to fix this, any solution would be appreciated.

Hey everyone,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

The right folks have been looking into this continuously and regrettably weren't able to reproduce this behavior. Even for the long duration this issue was open, the total number of reports include a variety of devices and app versions, but have not been as substantial in the grand scheme of things.

This points to a sporadic nature of the issue and makes it difficult to find a direct cause. Based on the data gathered so far, the root cause of such experiences can range from network issues, to other apps taking over audio priority and the OS itself stopping the app when it might try to save battery.

So without being able to identify a specific cause, we'll need to set this to NRN. We recommend excluding Spotify from any battery saving toggles as a first troubleshooting step.

Besides that we'll continue to optimize the app to hopefully reduce the instances of this occurring. We'll also continue monitoring this thread for anything that might help us identify a specific cause and correlation between the cases.

Take care!


I have this issues for months. I changed phone recently and I have the new iPhone 12. All is up to date with last version (both phone & Spotify). It crashed on my old phone as well as my new one. Same for my husband’s iPhone. 
it never crashes on my Mac or online Spotify. 
i did all that was proposed previously. 
It crashes when saving or not mode, with power or not, with wifi or data, after reinstalling the app, ... 
I’ve a free account (Hong King) and we wanted to move to family premium, but we will not pay if it continues to crash. (In fact I’m thinking to find another solution or app that can do a better job). 


I've had the same issue for weeks and it's the freaking worst. I'm the biggest fan and champion of Spotify, but man... this is really wearing me out. I just listen to the songs saved on my phone every time it happens. Please fix this ASAP.


And in agreement with the comment above me, it seems to just be a mobile app issue (on the iPhone). And it happens with songs that I have downloaded to my phone, as well as songs playing on WiFi and my phone connection. -J

Your device + OS:

iPhone 10 XS Max / iOS 14.4.2 (18D70)


The exact Spotify version:

Are you able to reproduce this with another device or account? I haven’t tried that. 

The troubleshooting steps you've tried (eg. changing WiFi/3G/4G networks, restarting your device, setting the app Offline, disabled any battery saving or cache clearing app restrictions for Spotify etc):


I’ve restarted my phone, re-installed the app several times using the clean install instructions, I tried setting to offline and that seems to work, but hopefully this is just a troubleshooting step and not a solution. 


Any screenshots or screen recording of what's happening would be very helpful - just make sure that there's no private/sensitive info displayed.


Hi guys, just to let you know i gace been exoeriencing very similar issue on two different devices - Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note9. Playback just stops randomly and only way to get it back playing is either opening app again or unlocking phone screen. Its esowcially frustrating when driving on Sprotify Auto mode. There is no pattern to it except when it starts then i know it will be doing it constanly for a while so i just stop listening whatsoever. Sometimes it works just fine. This has been ongoing for over a year, have tried everything as well - reseinstalled app, cleaned cashe, changed devices.


Mine does the exact same and I’m premium. Does in low power mode and off low power mode and with the background app refresh on and off I’ve also done all the steps and it still does the exact same thing. It does the same with my bosses Samsung and my phones Apple. This really seems to be not a device issue but a Spotify issue and it’s really annoying. The only way for the music to keep going is for the app to be open and have the phone never shut off. The app also undownloaded all my playlists and music randomly. 

Yeah I've done everything and definitely thinking it's an app thing, not a device thing. We've all got different devices here and it's happening to all of us, and same, the only way I can get it to not do it is to keep spotify open and not running in the background at all.
Spotify need to fix this bug. It’s none of our phones if it’s happening to
multiple people, it’s a big in the system that needs to be fixed cause it’s
really really annoying being in the middle of a song and it just cutting
out and then not even got from where it cut out, mine goes back to like 5
seconds in.

I'm getting this issue on both my iphone (IoS) and also my android phone. The Android is much much worse but both pause songs constantly, restart songs, skip songs, etc. I thought it was due to the screen being touched in my pocket etc but I've tried on both devices and literally just set it on a counter and it does this as well. It gets worse as I move with the device. 


I agree this can’t be a device issue if it’s happening to so many people! 
I’ve been having the same issues for two weeks and would like to know what updates Spotify has with this on going issue because it looks like everyone has done the trouble shoot and no results.

I’ve had Spotify for years now and it would be a shame to stop my premium membership now and have to turn to another app. Please any update?







iPhone SE

Operating System

iOS 14.6

Sportify Version

I occurred the same problem yesterday andI tried to follow the steps for fixing. However it did not work. The problem is still here.