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Yes, there's the Spotify Web Player

.....which rather inconveniently has such limited functionality on w10m that you might as well say  it doesn't work! Unless you mean the unofficial UWP, which has  more functionality but doesn't always work?

Re: Update for Windows Phone users


I think (and it would appear most other windows phone users do too) that your more than happy to take the money from us for Spotify, but then deliver nothing, how much of a refund are we going to get for a service that you can no longer be bothered with, but which you are more than happy to take payment for?

This is an utter joke and you should (and will be) reported for charging for a service which you do not supply.


Re: Update for Windows Phone users


Remember the old days when we just downloaded music from Napster? Strongarm tactics to force us to get different devices has me thinking about going back to that type of thing.  Seriously... I just tweeted about you guys not supporting OS10.9... My main computer at home that I listen to music out of doesn't HAVE the ability to do 10.10. Such a pain in the but... I know alot of this is you not being able to work things out with the manufacturers... so I know its a hard thing on all sides... but to us that actually pay you a premium every month... you take things away from us... you barely give enough back to the artists that we are listening AND you force us to spends gobs of money to change devices just so we can use your service... well from a sales standpoint that just doesn't sound so great for us paying users... 


And I know you might be thinking... he's not even talking about the subject heading regarding Spotify not supporting windows phones... well actually yes... I am.  I'd really like an explanation, instead of a blantant.... there it is... take it or leave type thing.  Have some respect for your users and maybe offer an actual reason why you are ending service for these phones... if its a problem in which windows won't do something you need for your app to work... then tell your windows phones users so that they can presure the folks at windows to change thier tune, or we'll drop our windows phones. 


Don't just leave your customers in the dark... give us paying users reasons why you are ending support for different OS and different devices. Its a lot more respectful.