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Hey @TooLong


You don't really need to delete anything in the hosts file if you're uncomfortable about it.


If you find any lines with either spotify or fastly in the address, for example something like this:

just add a # mark in front of the line, so it looks like this:


Then you shall save the changes. These changes will start to work immediately, no need to restart.


This article is a very helpful guide to the hosts world. 🙂



If that didn't end up helpful, please let me know what kind of errors or situation you see in the web player when you try to use it. 🙂

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Re: errors


Edit: didn't scroll far enough, someone already explained it in detail, haha 😛

**bleep** so simple! Thanks! No idea why that line was there but now it's fixed!
Also, if anyone is having this problem:
1. Open the host file (it should be extentionless) with notepad or something alike

2. Search for the open.spotify and/or play.spotify and/or desktop.spotify lines
3. Delete these lines entirely or add a # in front of them (this marks them as comment and won't use them

4. Click save (might have to save as .txt, delete the old host file and remove the .txt extention of the new one manually)


so e.g.:


Re: errors

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Thanks it works!