A certain song is buggy on my Android player

A certain song is buggy on my Android player








Android SM-J327T1

Operating System

Android Oreo? Not sure


My Question or Issue

So, this is kinda weird, but I couldn't find anyone else who had this problem. The track Burn It Down by Avenged Sevenfold, specifically the explicit version, is funky. In offline mode, it will stop at 1:12. You have to go back to the previous song or skip ahead and then go back to that specific track to get it to play again. If you skip past the part it stops, it will play all the way through. But I think it works sometimes because I remember the song and I don't listen to it on YT. And I don't pay attention to what's playing, I just listen. But, I just found out in online mode, at the 1:12 Mark, instead of stopping it will get louder and the quality will change. I honestly can't tell if the quality is better or worse. Doesn't happen with the other versions of the song or my other music. Its very annoying. Thanks in advance for reading. 🙇‍♀️

Edit: Doesn't do this on web player, haven't tried the windows app yet.

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