Accidentally clicked "Ok we won't play this again" and song doesn't play anymore

Accidentally clicked "Ok we won't play this again" and song doesn't play anymore





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I was listening to my usual MJ playlist when I got cut to the radio and accidentally clicked the ⍉ button, and now I can't play "I Want You Back" on either my mobile phone nor my PC. I have tried the solutions found in this thread, and the three dots do not have the "Allow to play this" option. I'd very much appreciate a solution, because I've been searching for a fix.

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Same issue here!!! Wanted to press on auto-repeat, but accidentally blocked 3 amazing songs which Spotify will no longer play...

Tried to fix it on Web and Mobile Apps, but no solution.

How is this possible?!?!?

Surely there should be a list of all blocked songs and the possibility to un-block them!!!


It also happen to me. Simply save the song to your library (if you remember what the song is), then remove it again. It fix in mine


Thank you so much! This has worked for the song I remembered. But what about the ones for which I don’t remember the title/artist?

Is there a list somewhere with the “blocked” songs?


This is rubbish. A song came on, I went to save it and hit the "Do not play again" button. I cannot remember the name, I cannot find it in my history (looked immediately). No clue how to find it.


Was using mobile player when I was listening ot it. Still within the last 50 songs played.


Very upset, and surprised at this user experience.

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