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Add Spotify Radio to SONOS, please!


Add Spotify Radio to SONOS, please!

Spotify, please provide SONOS with the ability to support Spotify Radio. 



From the SONOS community:


John M, an employee of Sonos, replied to Add Spotify radios to Sonos !!!, an idea about Sonos.

Thank you everyone for the responses and feedback. Please let me assure you that this item is still under consideration by Sonos and that we are committed to providing a world-class Spotify experience on Sonos.

Spotify Radio was originally introduced as a Spotify App on the desktop Spotify client before being made available to the mobile app versions. Spotify Apps are small applications written within the Spotify platform and are not made available to third-party platforms like Sonos at this time. Spotify does not yet provide us with the ability to support Spotify Radio. We understand that this is a top feature request from the Sonos-Spotify community and are in discussions with Spotify on possible future implementation.

If you feel strongly about the Spotify Radio feature on Sonos, be sure to add your comments to the Spotify community, in addition to this topic here. Like Sonos, Spotify is a company that greatly values the opinions and feedback of their user community. 

177 Replies

I am just about Yearning for Spotify radio functionality in Sonos. The sooner the better!

Just cancelled Spotify Premium and switched to Deezer at a fraction of the cost. Put down cancellation reason as no radio integration with Sonos. Didn't know it would save me money.

I have recently purchased the Sonos system and upgraded my Spotify account to premium expecting the radio option to be automatically included and was disappointed to find that it was not.


Please log my request  to include this excellent feature in future updates.



Is there an estimated time by when Sonos / spotify thinks this feature will be enabled? I cant stream spotify radio via apple tv either!

Please add the radio functionality to Sonos.  I just spent a lot of money on my Sonos system and will be cancelling my spotify premium account until this gets fixed.  It doesn't make sense to keep paying for the functionality when I can't use it!

Please add spotify radio in Sonos!

The clunky workaround involves a 3.5mm cable and a smartphone.


Please let's have a properly integrated Spotify Premium in Sonos including Spotify Radio.

+ 1 please add spotify radio.

Just setup my Sonos and am so disappointed that Spotify Radio stations are not supported. Spotify, we need this feature now! Not having this integration will only force premium users to look for other options.  

We sure would like to see Spotify radio added to sonos, we pay for a premium subscription but may cancel as we use this at our business and would like to play uninterupted radio on our sonos speakers.  Please add it!


There's an android app called sponos that allows this, funny that a third party can get it to work and Sonos say they can't...

This is one of mine main features and i would like to able to play it through my sonos system






And I would like to add the request for thumbing up and down the songs that you do and don't like. For personalization of spotify radio and such.

Rdio stations work on sonos and its awesome. Why can't spotify do it. 

Sponos app works well and solves this problem.

Another one voting for this option, please Sonos


I agree, the spotify radio is awesome, it needs to be available through sonos.

We listen to last fm all the time - just upgraded to spotify premium but as we cannot get the radio option we may as well cancel and stick to last fm ! Please add it to sonos!?

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