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Adding songs to playlist through API?

Adding songs to playlist through API?

I would like to have a password protected page on my website that will allow users with access to be able to search Spotify artists and then add them to a predetermined playlist. Is this something that is possible?


At the very least, I would like them to be able to search Spotify artists and then add 5 options to a web form.


Other options would be to just allow access to the playlist if they are Spotify members.


Any ideas?

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There are some development tools available to allow you to integrate with Spotify:


Not sure how you would go about it though, building a web interface on top of the libspotify SDK somehow?

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Searching for songs can be done using the Spotify Web API, more information here. You can then display the result as either Spotify Play Buttons or as a links to the tracks. The problem however will be to add them to a predetermined playlist. The best way i can think of is to share a link to the playlist and let people subscribe so that they can search for songs and then add them to the playlist. You can check out the links in my signature below to see more how you can use the Spotify Web API and Spotify Play Button. 


Let me know if you need any more help!

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Thank you - I'll check out both options. I appreciate the quick feedback!

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