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Someone posted our Song illegally How do you get it removed?

Someone posted our Song illegally How do you get it removed?

Hey guys, we are pretty new to spotify but someone let us know that an artist posted one of our cover songs from the SteamyintheCity Music Collective to spotifiy as part of an album we had nothing to do with. 


Is there a way to report that song and get it removed due to copyright violation? 


The song in questions is "Freedom" which has been posted on an album called "Django Unchained: The Soundtrack Highlights" by Rob Starr & The Hollywood Singers and Orchestra.... We have no idea who that is and in no way gave them permission to our recording for their album.


We produced this cover song ourselves with Justine Dorsey & Octavius Womack and we only released it on our youtube channel here...


So any help you guys can provide as to how to get this illegal use of our recording removed is greatly appreciated.






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Hi. You can get in touch with the Spotify artist team using this contact form and they'll check into it for you.

There is also a separate process for Copyright Infringement outlined in Spotify's Copyright Policy:

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