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Advert narrators...

Advert narrators...

For the love of God, spotify, PLEASE get rid of any women that do adverts, just stick to the men. You guys seem to only choose women who have annoying, piercing voices to read your adverts, whereas the males don't seem so bad! Also, a change from the same backing music would be nice, as I fear soon that tune will be the primary cause within the investigation of my murder trial...

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I agree with you those women can get annoying specially if they keep talking for more than 15 seconds but life ain't fair.

Lol ikr!!! I thought I was the only one so had to Google it. It’s 2021 and it still hasn’t changed...I feel like piercing my ears with an icepick whenever they come on...My theory is its deliberate and their way of forcing us to shell out the $10 a month to not hear them anymore

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