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Alexa playing only radio no matter what command i give her


Alexa playing only radio no matter what command i give her






Amazon echo dot gen 3 and Asus Zenfone

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Until a few days ago Alexa was playing every song i would tell her with no problem but now whenever i issue a command her answer is always the same "[Whatever i said] Radio on Spotify" and then just starts playing a random radio song that has absolutely nothing to do with what i told her.


Me: "Alexa, play songs by Christina Perri"

Alexa: "Christina Perri Radio on Spotify" - starts playing random radio song

Another example

Me: "Alexa, play The Rose by LeAnn Rimes"

Alexa: "The Rose Radio by Spotify" -random song


Same thing goes for playlists, i named my only playlist "Ruby"

Me:"Alexa, play Ruby playlist"

Alexa:"Ruby Radio from Spotify" - random song


So far i tried linking unlinking accounts from spotify and amazon, deleted accounts, made new accounts, tried different phones for the alexa app, nothing worked...


Note: Alexa is having this issue on amazon echo dot 3 and my asus zenfone


I hope someone can help



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I had the same issue. I was logged into an account that didn't have premium.

I switched to the correct account to resolve the issue. 

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Whenever I want to play anything on Spotify, be it an artist, a playlist, a particular song or even my liked songs through my Amazon Echo Dot, it plays from the Radio of it instead.


"Alexa, play [Song] by [Artist] on Spotify."

Response: "[Song] Radio on Spotify."

And it then plays from the song radio and never the actual song.


Why does it do this? Is there any way to make it just play the song?

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I had the same issue. I was logged into an account that didn't have premium.

I switched to the correct account to resolve the issue. 

I did first think that having a free account may be the issue, but my family also has a free account that works fine with their Echo Dot. As far as I can tell there's no real difference of these accounts in terms of settings and such, none that would warrant the Echo Dot to act differently.


i am having the exact trouble with my amazon echo dot, no matter what i ask it to play it always says "[Whatever i say] Radio and then just goes to a random radio song. I tried changing accounts, deleting my account but nothing has worked. Please let me know if you have solved this and how.


Thank you

Same Problem here 😞


Hi Did you get this working? If so how? 

I am having the same problem, it just plays radio.



Hey @Carlos147, @r3d4cted, @TrialFerret2324, @Victor79 and @Carolanes29,


If you are still experiencing this issue, could you please try the following?

  1. Unlink your Spotify Account in the Alexa app
  2. Remove Alexa from here
  3. Reinstall the Alexa app and the Spotify app
  4. Set everything back using these instructions

Hope it helps! Let us know how it goes.


Have a nice day.

Thank you for your solution but it did not work for me

Solution didn’t work for me either. 


Spotify was working fine for about 1 week now all I get is Spotify radio no matter what song is requested. 

Exactly the same problem here. 

Hey all,


I had this exact problem and I did two things. One, I upgraded my trial of Spotify premium straight to Spotify premium as it still had me under a free account for the trial period. Second, I followed the steps as follows in this video:


Obviously I realize it's in relation to YouTube but I tested the Spotify song feature before and after and it began working immediately after I finished watching the video. Maybe I accidentally altered a setting along the way that enabled Spotify, I don't know, but even if this doesn't happen for you it's still worthwhile following it as you get free music just through YouTube instead of Spotify. all you need to do is say "Alexa, ask YouTube to play [song]". It's a lengthy process that took me a good 20+ mins but it's definitely worth it. So not only did I get the free music with YouTube but somehow Spotify started working too.


Hope this helps.

I had the same problem, tried resetting the apps, upgraded to premium, change Alexa language, etc. and nothing worked. The only thing that worked was resetting the password on Spotify and connecting to Alexa using the email and new password not using the Facebook connection option.

I have the same problem and here is what Spotify told me. The free spotify is "ad based" and in order to play ads the program has to use Spotify "radio", and they can't play your playlist without radio and send you ads.

Have the same problem. How did you fix it?

Any luck ? Having the same problem...

hello, i am sad to say i have not found any solution to this problem, also customer support was unable to help and as such i have given up trying to solve this issue. Sorry to anyone hoping for a solution from my post. Maybe one day it will solve itself somehow

Hei bro ,

Try this for a solution. I made another spotify free account. Just use
another email adress. Create new spotify account , link it to alexa .
Worked for me yesterday

Good luck

The solution of making another spotify account has worked but only temporary, i have tried a new yahoo and a new gmail account and each time it works well at the beginning but after about 5 days the same issue appears for some reason....

I decided not to continue with the premium trial and when it ended, the same problem started to happen again. So I conclude that it is because of having a free account which completely sucks.

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