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[All Platforms][Podcasts] rss feed

[All Platforms][Podcasts] rss feed

Seems like there is no way to enter an rss feed directly into spotify?    Spotify is a main player now for podcasts... surely there is a way to do this?  Every other major pod player seems to support it.  I am a premium supporter of a podcast and was thinking of listening to it on spotify but i can't figure out how to enter the rss feed.  Also, starting a podcast and want to give premium members a private feed but don't want to scare them away if there is no way for them to listen to it here.  Any help?  Thanks in advance!

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They have put in zero podcast specific improvements. They won't even update the podcast playlists to show who the podcast is from or the date of the podcast. Go look at "Your daily podcasts". Nothing but the title next to album and artist. This has been brought up here for years and they keep closing it because there isn't enough "votes". So they don't see this as a UI or usability problem which is absurd. So don't count on them actually making it a platform to find new podcasts or as a main player for most people. This is a music player that happens to have podcasts. Case in point. 

Case in pointCase in point


Well that's a bummer to hear.  Seems weird that they would need 100 votes to add an obvious feature like that.  Rss feeds are like the building block of podcasts, no?  Same with artist names and album.  This all seems so strange.  Spotify reps, if you all are reading, perhaps you could chime in and explain?  I hear talk you want to become one of the major pod players?  Maybe that's incorrect and you kind of just got shoved into this position?  Maybe just close down podcasts all together if you don't want that on the platform.  What do you think?  Thanks again!

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