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BMW Connected and Android 9 issue

BMW Connected and Android 9 issue






Nokia 8 BMW 4er Gran Coupe (2016)

Operating System

Android 9


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 BT connection or the BMW Spotify App never worked properly on my Nokia 8 with Android 8.1. Now that i got the Android Pie update i tried it once more and now Bluetooth streaming as well as the BMW Connect App work perfectly. But the Spotify App does not. It is detected and i can select the App in the car, but then the App does not start. Can you please help me to get the App integration working?

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ALthough it is working well now, you still cannot control it from the steering wheel buttons (to go to next or last song). Any plan to solve this issue??

no atm there is no solution.
Spotify comes up with several "fixed versions" but i think it's more a BMW Connected issue.

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