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Bad sound quality on some songs on PS3

Bad sound quality on some songs on PS3

Title says it all. Some songs have a 'tearing' in the sound. Not all mind you, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars will play fine but Christine and the queens had a very bad sound quality. PS3 is connected to a 5.1 surrounr system with a digital cable. All other applications like bluray or dvd work fine, no soung issues there.


Anyone any idea's where I can start to try some stuff out to see if I can fix it?

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No one has the same issue?

I came here to look for a solution. Like you , I am disappointed with the sound quality.

I haven't found a solution yet. I contacted Sony here in Belgium and they asked me to troubleshoot my sound system. I changed the optical cable to another one, with no succes. After that they ask to plug another device into the optical cable insteda of the PS3. Problem is I don't own any other device with this kind of output. So I kindah gave up... But for Sony it's clearly not the PS3 but the sound system (even though it works perfectly for everything else...) Let me know if you found the source of the problem...

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