Bose Soundlink 2, Mac with Bluetooth Error on Web Player

Bose Soundlink 2, Mac with Bluetooth Error on Web Player


Hi Spotify Developers


I wanted to start another version of this thread to highlight that this is a REAL issue with SPOTIFY and not the Bose Soundlink (or other BT speakers), Bluetooth Stack or in fact CoreAudio on the Mac. This issue is totally reproducible every single time. After much testing I can safely say that this IS a SPOTIFY WEB Player issue.


Versions are thus:-



MAC = 10.10.5 (14F27)

Bluetooth Stack on MAC = 4.3.6f3 16238 (v106 c8957)

BOSE Soundlink 2, bluetooth speaker


I have attached the bluetooth stack trace and can send a full video reproducing the problem if you would like.


Problem Statement

When you are playing Spotify through the MAC speakers and have BT enabled (but not used for current sound output) and then you turn on the Soundlink Speaker. The new Soundlink 2 announces clearly that it it connected to the MAC. At this point the sound from the MAC speakers stops immediately. The Spotify web player keeps playing the song and you can clearly see the time bar moving to the right, BUT NO SOUND!! You can twiddle any knob, push a slider or a button in Spotify but it does NOTHING to switch the sound to the Soundlink or infact to the MAC sound output. Now if you look at the Sound Preference showing the dynamic state of the OUTPUT to BT everything looks perfect as it should. And more importantly even with Spotify running, WITHOUT SOUND, but slider moving, I can go to my iTunes thats sitting open in the background and play any song directly over BT to the Soundlink speaker. All is well in BOSE, BT and MAC world... unfortunately not for Spotify. SO..... Please note that to get around this problem you ONLY have to STOP and RESTART Spotify, then it all works perfectly. However this is not a happy situation and as I said is totally repeatable EVERYTIME.


And please note, as I said, that through the whole process, when the Soundlink speaker says its connected I can IMMEDIATELY play sound from iTunes or any other sound source, so the output setting for CoreAudio has been updated correctly (when connecting the Soundlink) and the bluetooth stack is functioning correctly for ALL other outbound sounds EXCEPT Spotify.


Please take this request seriously and look into your coded routines for acquiring or hooking into the CoreAudio as part of a bluetooth coreaudio update call or similar function. I suspect that this it is likely you are not capturing the current state and/or change correctly due to either a change in the BT specification or the way in which new devices makes a BT connect API call. Please review your code and advise.


I am a Software Architect, but not a developer, but I can sense that this is a small adaption in your code and I am happy to help; either UAT, TEST any updates you may want to try. Hope you see this email as an encouragement to help fix this, and not as a complaint per se.


Hope to hear from you soon.


Kind Regards


Damon Knight



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Did you ever get a satisfactory solution?  I see this is an old thread.  I'm new to Spotify but have Apple devices.  If I play Spotify on my MacBook I can only listen on  the Mac speakers, there is no way to connect to Bose speakers via Bluetooth.  If I use my EarPods they connect instantly.  If I use Apple Music I can listen on my Bose speakers via Bluetooth.

If I start Spotify on my iPhone 8 then use the Bose connect app to connect to the speakers it works fine, if I look at Spotify on the MacBook I can see that music is playing from the phone to the speakers, I can control what is playing on the MacBook, the ONLY thing Spotify won't do is play over Bluetooth to Bose speakers, maybe any speakers for all I know.


Hey @Songthrush,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Sorry for the late response as we just came across this thread.

As the main issue seems to be with your Mac connecting Bluetooth through a Bose speaker, we'd first recommend performing a clean reinstall of the app on your Mac. This is often an overlooked step, but it can be helpful getting rid of any corrupted files that might be causing issues connecting with other speakers.

Also, make sure that the audio output device active is the speaker, by checking the Preferences of your Mac. 

If the issue persists, include in your next response the Model and OS version of your Mac, along with the Spotify version you're currently running.

We'll be on the lookout. 

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Hi, Yes, the clue was in the preferences speaker selection, it must be checked for Bluetooth.

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