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Bug In Spotify PS4

Bug In Spotify PS4

It seems this bug still plagues the app for ps3 and ps4, dkes spotiy even care about its customers,heres why when i run the app on my ps4 and play a game at tbe sametime, ater a few songs the app would stall and not play anytning until i actually re enter the app and it resets everything or it decides to keepgoing and just replay the 1st song on the list after a few songs and ut never goes to my other songs i really like even the app wud sometime crash and still shows up in my quick settings of my ps4 i have to restart mt ps4 to get rid of it, can you guy at spotify fix it please.
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Hey there!


Thanks for the feedback. We'll make sure to pass it along to the team.


If you use the app on your PS4 through Spotify Connect, does the same thing happen?


Keep us posted. 

Idk ill check

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