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Can't change order of songs in playlist

Can't change order of songs in playlist

From what I've seen on the postings, spotify doesn't allow you to change the order of songs within a playlist on the online player or on the mobile app (Android).  This seems ridiculously stupid--why is such a simple function not being provided?

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Hi, the SHUFFLE feature appears on many screens in the desktop and app versions. For some reason, it isn't always shown which I agree can be very confusing. 


It will either be in the formed of a green lozenge-shaped button with theword SHUFFLE in black or with the pretty standard SHUFFLE icon. 



green icon means the fuction is active


I hope this helps

Thanks--I'm actually not referring to shuffle, I want to play songs in a
particular order on a playlist (like a mixtape) and can't move songs up or
down in the order.

Hi, thanks for the clarification.


I have found a solution for you which works on the desktop version.



1 click and hold the SONG TITLE you wish to move


2 Drag the song to a new position indicated by the green lineMOVE2.jpg


NB, this is not possible within the app as doing so opens a new menu which contains 'remove song from playlist' which I discovered at my cost.


I hope this helps




Thanks for trying to help--but that still doesn't seem to work. It doesn't
let me click and drag the song title.

Is there a way to get a spotify employee to address this question?

Hi again. One final attempt to prove that my method does work.


The phone app doesn't work because data  is treated as one complete line whereas in the desktop version, a line of data is made up of several links, e.g. song TITLE links to something different than ARTIST.


In order to move a song to another line in the playlist, you must click the TITLE  only and keep mouse button pressed while you move the file.


The attached video should hopefully make this clear



This is a very helpful video but unfortunately that's NOT what my playlist looks like, and I'm not able to click on the song title only and move the order.  I only have the option to click on the band name or the album title.  I also don't have categories at the top (artist, song, title) to click to reorder.  


I took a screenshot of my Playlist that I'm trying to reorder and attached to this post.


Has there been a 2018 update to how Playlists are displayed?  Is there a new method to change the order of songs in a Playlist? 

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 8.49.45 AM.png

Hi, Andrea.


I'd love to be able to help and I will probably go over and beyond to get to the bottom of this.


Thanks for the screen capture. I appreciate the effort because it helps to see exactly what you are seeing. I agree that what you are seeing is nowhere near as comprehensive as what I have on my screen.


I always prefer to have advanced screens but couldn't reset my desktop version to look like yours, so let's establish some basic facts.


I am running the Windows version and also have Android on mobiles and tablets. However since I know that the Android apps don't allow tracks to be moved within playlists, any comments and guides will relate to the Windows desktop version from now on.


Getting back to your screencap, it looks a lot more like an android app than the destop version,i.e. Song title, Artist etc look like a string of data rather than seperate links like in my desktop version.


I therefore think it better to go straight for the most obvious questions:


  1. Are you running Windows or OS?
  2. Which version? 
  3. ...and perhaps important, is yours a Premium Account or not?



After posting my reply, the most obvious question came to mind, so here goes...


You are using the desktop version of Spotify to edit the playlist, aren't you?




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