Can't find suggested playlists/mixes

Can't find suggested playlists/mixes

Yesterday I'de downloaded spotify and liked some artists as it recommended after starting up. After doing that, Spotify suggested me some playlists with songs mixed from the genres/artists I liked. I haven't got to start any of those because I immediately went to buy Premium (started using it because there's a great discount available atm) so I can listen to those freely. But when I got back, I can't find any of these suggested lists anywhere 😞

The Library -> Made for You is empty for me, I can't find those in playlists or albums either. I still can use the app fine, but I would very much appreciate an auto-generated playlists based on my liked artists/albums instead of only listening to one I choose and having to change them manually.


Is there an option/menu I'm missing? Thanks.







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Hi @user-removed and welcome to Spotify Community.


When you subscribe to premium Spotify starts to learn your taste. It will take some time but keep listening and soon you will have auto-generated playlists. There are a few of them:

Discover Weekly - this one updates every Monday with new music you may like.

Release Radar - contains new releases from artists you like and follow. Updates every Friday.

Daily Mixes - they mostly contain songs you already like and some new tunes from time to time. You can have 1 to 6 of them depending on how versatile is the music you listen to. For example, I have a mix containing mostly hip-hop songs, another with rock and so on.

Those playlists are influenced by what songs you save to your library or add to playlists, so keep doing that and the will appear soon.

Happy listening 🙂

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