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Can't share updated version of playlists

Can't share updated version of playlists



Sorry if this has been asked before. I've recently updated several of my playlists, both adding and removing quite a lot of music. Yesterday I finished updating one and tried to "share" the playlist on both Facebook and tumblr. It *appeared* to post just fine (I had no trouble right-clicking 'share playlist link'); however, the list that posted was NOT the updated version of my playlist, it was an old-version with quite a few songs that have been removed (and don't even seem to actually play anymore!) I tried logging out and logging back in, re-installing Spotify, and even created a new account and tried to share the link that way. Nothing worked. Upon checking, this is the same with all of my updated playlists. The only one that worked fine was the one I hadn't updated in awhile. The playlists work just fine when I'm actually IN Spotify; it seems to be a problem with the playlist link/URL, and it occurs when I try to open the "shared" playlist from Facebook or tumblr. Does anybody know why these "shared playlists" are only showing old versions of my playlist, and if there's anything I can do to fix this? I'd hate to start all over; the list I updated yesterday has over 200 followers. Thanks for any assistance!

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