Cannot Connect to Spotify

Cannot Connect to Spotify

I'm trying to load the Spotify web player on Google Chrome. I receive a spinning wheel that says "connecting to Spotify," which never loads. Tried launching in Internet Explorer and restarting brower. Still will not connect.

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Same here. I use Spotify to play the lobby music at work aaannnd I got nothin' ...

Had the same thing for the past few hours. Just started working after I went to and input my postal code. It might have just happened to start working again right after that, but just in case you might want to try it. 

That worked! Thanks!

Are you trying this in your office or at home? (Sometimes the spotify service is blocked by your company. This could also be caused by a error/wrong proxy setting in the browsers.) And make shure that the https is part of the link 

This might help:
- Try opening a tab in private mode and load the page. 
- Log out / in again. Password might have changed?
- Try opening a direct link to your collection, 

(Just suggestions) 🙂

See next reply. It helped me.

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