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Cannot Log Into Spotify on PS4

Cannot Log Into Spotify on PS4

I was able to log into the app from my PS4 with no problem. I left the house and came home a few hours later and when I tried to use it, it asked me to log in again. When I went to log in, it said my account had already been linked and wouldn't just take me to the app. I tried logging out, I logged out of every device, I uninstalled the app, I restarted my PS4, it doesn't appear in my linked accounts and I still get the same error message. I contacted Sony and they said to contact Spotify, but they don't seem to have any contact information. All I want to do is unlink PS4, connect problems, Sony, accounSpotify from my PSN account so I can log in again. 

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Hey I hope this helps I had the problem where my phone app would work but wouldn't start up app on my ps4 when I manually went and tried to start spotify on ps4 it would start and then go to black screen after much bull crap from both sony and Spotify( spotify people literally told me to shut down app and try again like I never thought to try that ) and it came down to me on phone gettin in touch with a woman from. Playstation 4 music division to tell me go to settings go to initialization restore default settings it will only get rid of ur network login settings etc nothing major and went restarted my ps4 and it worked i kno this doesn't exactly pertain to ur problem but may help good luck

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