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Cant add any playlist

Cant add any playlist

Premium (if that is important)

Country Austria

Device: Windows 10 / Google Chrome 

My Question or Issue:

Well, I cant add any playlist to the community! Always, even if the system recognizes my URI as a playlist I get the same error, trying uploading a playlist. 

I am using Google Chrome, because with Microsoft Edge I cant even go the Log In page. (Page Not Found) Same with Firefox. 


Seriously I dont know what to do. It does not help if I enter




or spotify:playlist:xxx


it does not work! 




4 Replies

Hello @ogremania,


Thanks for getting in touch!


Could you try it with an incognito browsing session? If that helps, you might need to clear cache and cookies before you can proceed.


Hope that works. Let us know how it goes.


Have a nice day!

Yeah hello, I did both, cleared my cache, deleted all cookies and website data, and tried with inkognito mode. 


Still got this error every time: You must include a Spotify Playlist URI/link to create a post in the Playlist Exchange


Even thought he displays the playlist correctly before submiting. It is starting to drive me crazy. 

Any solutions?

Maybe something is wrong my profile user id? 


When I copy my profile as a link it says


If I copy the URI it is:



Shouldn't it be a string of digits? Other ideas?  


Ok after 100 times trying it worked, dont ask me why. Thanks anyway

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