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Spotify not working on Fire Stick

Spotify not working on Fire Stick




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 So i went to use Spotify on my fire stick and it would act like it was loading and then just say error. Long story short I ended up fixing that by uninstalling and reinstalling. But now it’s not exactly working right and definitely not working like it used to. It will play my favorites and Spotify’s premade playlists correctly but whenever I try to play anything else it starts playing but nothing comes up with it. There’s no thing in the corner saying it’s playing no album art pops up with pause and play it just plays. And if you are listening to a playlist that works correctly before you play the one that doesn’t you can use the skip and pause from the previous thing because it acts like it’s still playing but it’s not. The only way to get it to stop usually though is to force stop the app in settings. The app still works just not right.

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