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Cant add to playlist on Web Player

Cant add to playlist on Web Player






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Windows 10


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I'm seeing an issue where I am unable to add a track to a playlist on spotify web player. I right click, then try to add to playlist and am met with just a blank black screen. I have cleared browing history, cookies, etc and tried on Chrome and Edge but the error is the same.

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Hey all,


We are aware of an issue with the Webplayer and are currently investigating it. Feel free to contribute in this topic where we gather information from affected users and keep everybody up-to-date. Be sure to comment or subscribe in the topic to get notifications. We'll get this sorted as soon as possible.


Sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!


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Crazy. I have the same issue since at least 3 days. Even tried with a brand new firefox. My account is not premium though, but just open.spotify regular account.

Same for me! It worked up until yesterday but today can't add any song to any playlist. 

I have the same exact problem. I am on Fedora for Linux using Chrome, so this does not appear to be an OS-specific issue. I have tried deleting cookies and cache, and signing in and out.

Yep, tried to clean up cookies, signed-in, signed-out but still doesn't work. I'm using Chrome too in Windows 10.

I am having the same exact problem. 


Google Browser

Google OS





Same problem, only started happening thr last couple days. Taken to a blank screen when trying to add songs to a playlist. 

Same problem for me with the web player since yesterday. 

This just started happening to me. I submitted a request through thier contact us page so maybe you all should too.


Using SPotify from Desktop and I try to hit add to playlist either by clicking the three dots or right clicking and selecting add to playlist and then my screen just goes black. I can still hear the music but it won't add. 


Refreshing didn't work. Closing and restarting the internet didn't work. 


I can do it from my phone but I'm at work so thats really annoying NEED FIX

Same problem. Still no solution?
I got blank screen when trying to add song to a playlist using Web player. Ublock is off for spoti. Im logged. Since 2 days...



I'm also having the same issue since two days ago.


Let's see if this is going to be have the same "non-solution" approach as the blinking dual monitor issue with the web player.



Exactly - strange thing is that I get a blank page only when I use the webplayer. It works just fine from my phone. 

Just Google searched and found this thread. I just experienced the same issue. That along with Spotify not loading past 100 songs on any of my playlists have made the website nearly impossible to use unfortunately.

Same issue as everyone else. Webplayer only.

Issue is black screen after selecting "add to playlist".


Firefox and chrome either browser gives same issue.

Deleting cache doesnt fix.

Deleting history doesnt fix.

Restarting either browser doesnt fix.

Doing above in correct order doesnt fix.

Banging side of pc doesnt fix.

Lost with options to try but fml its annoying.




I have this issue too.


I noticed in Chrome's console, there's this error message:


web-player.c7e18929.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'scrollNodeRef' of undefined
at web-player.c7e18929.js:1


This may be why?

I also tried the incognito mode for Firefox and clean, cookies, sessionStorage, localStorage and nothing changed.

Hey All,


Work around I found is that you can drag and drop the song into your playlist. 

Yeah I've been having the same problem too. I'm on Windows 10 using the Opera browser, so at first I thought it was a problem with Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Etc.). But when I tried to add to a playlist using Microsoft Edge, it didn't work there either. 

I have the same issue since yesterday. I'm currently on a Mac using Firefox.

Chrome OS

Acer Chromebook 15 Cb3-532 we can load the playlists BUT, we can not add to them. What nexted? This is getting very tiresome.  Just a note, to those who have newer chromebooks with ANdroid apps, I have been using the android spotify app on my chromebook and it works better than the web play or app for chromebooks ever did.  Many options the web player does not have and I am guessing it is more like "real" spotify.  I can now make radio stations, RENAME PLATLISTS (**bleep**,right?) even move a song in a playlist up or down.  SO...IF you have ANDROID settings I recommend installing spotify from there and see what you think. I love it and I am not going back to the old nasty web player or spot app for those of us who have chromebooks. Hope this helps. 

I am almost afraid to mention this as it will probably the next thing Spotify decides to change or "update" - I hate seeing that word now - Has none one ever heard of the old saying, "If it aint broke don't fix it!?"  Whether a chrome "update" or Spotify "update" things always seem anything BUT updated. Just messed up.   

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