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Change layout of the spotify web player?

Change layout of the spotify web player?

Currently, I'm using the spotify web player. However, when I look at my web player, and compare it to my friends when they go on, mine looks a lot different. For example, my Currently Playing song is on the right side of the window, and the left sidebar shows Search, Browse, Radio, Your Music, and Follow. My friends has the Currently Playing on the bottom, and has a list of his playlists on the left sidebar. Does anyone know how I can change mine to look like his? Thanks in advace! Also, I don't know if this is useful information or not, but when he goes onto, the URL stays the same. However, when I go onto the same, I get redirected to I've tried clearing my cache, but it didn't help. Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to Spotify's Update Rollout Wonderland! 😉 Your friend has been randomly chosen to get the beta version of the new web player while you have not. You cannot do anything to change this, just hope that one day it may eventually come to you as well. By the way, the new version looks similar to the desktop client and has the same features that the old version does not have like playlist folders.

Thanks for the reply! Is there at least any way I can see who added songs to our shared playlist? If not, then at least a way to sort the playlist by name/artist/date added/etc. I try clicking on the header of the playlist list, but it doesn't seem to work

Right, sorting columns of a playlist is not possible either in the current web player, along with other missing features of the desktop client like sorting/moving playlists in the sidebar or directly playing radio stations or on-demand track lists. So for these advanced features you still need the desktop client.


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